A Technical Workshop

IT organizations around the world are modernizing to take advantage of HCL Cloud Native concepts.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss HCL Cloud Native and application modernization before taking a deeper dive into some key HCL Cloud Native technologies, including containerization and Kubernetes.

Finally, you’ll work along with us step-by-step to deploy an actual Kubernetes-based application on a public cloud platform.

Why HCL?

  • Corporately invested in modernizing legacy applications of all kinds into cloud-ready containerized platforms
  • Routinely leverage the power of containers in our own DevOps pipelines across the portfolio
  • Deep proficiency automating container deployments and workloads with both Open Source and internally-generated tools
  • Extensive experience deploying containers to public clouds (such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform), as well as internal private cloud platforms

What You’ll Learn​

Who should attend?

From CIO to developer, anyone in the IT organization with an interest in HCL Cloud Native concepts. Particularly valuable for CTOs and technical decision makers, including architects and developers. Note that hands-on participation is optional. Participants are welcome to simply watch and learn.​


Workshop Agenda

  • An introduction to HCL Cloud Native
    • What it is, and why you should care
  • Application modernization
    • How HCL Cloud Native changes the game for all parts of modern IT organizations
  • Containerization
    • What containers are, and how they work
    • Overview plus hands-on demonstrations
  • Orchestration
    • How orchestration can bring reliability, scalability, and effortless upgrade paths to an already solid architecture
  • Start to finish deployment of a production-ready containerized application into a public cloud Kubernetes environment
  • A review of tools, best practices, and adoption strategies