Edison SPA

Edison SPA

Italy's largest power & utility company
90% conversion rates for new accounts 13% faster processing with new workflows
Italy’s biggest utility company is digitally transforming their entire business and how they interact with their customers by utilizing the power of HCL DX and the personalization capabilities of HCL Unica to deliver a simple and seamless customer experience for its customers masking all the back-end complexity of an energy company.
digital asset management system for businesses, organizations and enterprises of all sectors. Control and optimize all your sites and applications.

Penn Veterinary Supply

America’s largest veterinary medical supplier

30% increase in sales 80% increase portal usage
America’s largest veterinary medical supplier completely transformed their B2B portal using HCL DX and HCL Unica to provide industry leading self-service tools and personalized offers making their B2B call center virtually obsolete overnight.
SaaS ecommerce - Next generation of commerce is cloud native

Augusta Sportswear

A leading sportswear clothing manufaturer

4% rise in the number of online visitors 5% increase in sales through the digital channel
Augusta Sportswear wanted to increase sales using cross-sell / upsell across their brands. With HCL Commerce multisite implementation, they delivered a B2C experience for its B2B buyers, where teams can configure and order highly customized uniforms that look as good as the professionals, that are delivered in as little as 5 days.