How DevOps Leads the Way to Digital Business Transformation


How DevOps leads the way to digital business transformation


Digital transformation has been occurring in organizations of all sizes for the past few years, yet the process isn’t moving fast enough to move the needle in many companies. How can DevOps help increase the velocity and impact of digital transformation? That's what's experts explore in this eBook.


Regardless of IT spending plans, nearly three-quarters of enterprise IT executives surveyed said they expect to either accelerate or maintain digital transformation initiatives and projects. The only way to accelerate the building and deployment of modern digital business applications is to embrace best DevOps practices. Organizations are quickly discovering that not only have the timetables for these projects been accelerated, but also digital business applications need to be updated continuously.


End users have come to expect applications to expose a regular cadence of new features and updates. They also expect those applications to be secure no matter what vulnerabilities have been discovered and when. The only way to live up to those expectations is to accelerate the rate and reliability of new features and functions added to an application.


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