Becoming a high performing organization with an Engineering-First Mindset


How to apply an engineering-first mindset to accelerate business outcomes and realize ROI


The four DORA metrics - lead time to change, deployment frequency, change failure rate, and time to restore services - measure an organization’s performance on business agility, quality, and resilience. This whitepaper acts as a guide showcasing the use of DORA metrics to identify levers or gears that can potentially improve productivity, and estimate the potential ROI against each engineering upliftment initiative.


HCL’s DORA assessment provides evidence-based guidance that a Low-to-Medium performing organization can achieve desired speed by driving continuous improvement in engineering practices, cloud adoption, organizational practices (including change approval processes), lean practices, and culture. A path forward stated simplistically will be: Begin with foundations, and then adopt a continuous improvement mindset by identifying and tackling your unique constraint. Once those constraints no longer hold you back, repeat the process.


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