What we achieved

  • More than 40 million subscribers

  • Personalized structure to customer needs

  • Achieved 3 million sales

To who

  • Company: Türk Telekom

  • Industry: Telecommunications

  • Products: Unica


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Turkey's largest telecom operator Türk Telekom's deduplication effort was a great success. Innova’s project provided the ability to develop campaigns for over 40 million Türk Telekom (TT) subscribers from a single point.

  • Part 2 Solution

    The right message is getting delivered to the right customer on the right channel

    Single point access to more than 40 million subscribers

    A personalized structure according to customer needs

  • Part 3 Results

The Challenge

Business Challenge Story

The right message is getting delivered to the right customer on the right channel

The current campaign systems used for three different areas as mobile, fixed, and broadband are brought together under a single application with the project. Deduplicating Oracle Siebel Marketing, Unica 9.1, and in-house application made it possible for TT to organize joint campaigns for more than 40 million subscribers from a single point and present the right offer to the right customer via the right channel with the new integrated structure.

Innova’s campaign deduplication project, which provides the central management of the company's individual and corporate campaigns, includes the integration of approximately 30 channels such as inbound, outbound, Online Operation Centers, web, e-mail, SMS, push messages, IVR, chatbot, CRM, CC, and dealer.

The Solution

Transformation Story

Single point access to more than 40 million subscribers

With the single campaign system established, campaigns are getting presented to more than 40 million Türk Telekom subscribers from a single center. The system gathers all subscriber interactions under a single application. With this application, advanced capabilities such as offering discounted broadband offers in addition to mobile tariffs for broadband subscriptions to a customer with a mobile subscription have become possible.

Campaign teams from three different areas started working easier and efficiently with a single application knowledge instead of three application information. While the difficulties of tracking and implementing similar campaigns with several applications eliminated, all marketing activities can be followed and reported over the singular system easier now.

The Results


A personalized structure according to customer needs

The UNICA Campaign Management Application used in the campaign deduplication project has personalization capabilities according to the customer needs with its web-based structure. The Oracle Database 12C and Oracle SOA Suite 12C API server used in the communication system, which interacts with channels, interlayers, and ordering systems. Processes are simplified by displaying offers, sending them to subscribers, and purchasing offers through the order system over UNICA on Mobile Online Transactions (MOIM) channels.

The project, which started with the acquisition of UNICA licenses from IBM in 2017, was first established by Innova in October 2019 as part of Phase-1, and live campaigns started to be delivered through MOIM channels. The project, in which 3 million sales were made daily in the first phase, will be implemented in all order systems of Türk Telekom with the increase of inter-channel integration during the second and third phases and will provide access to all channels that subscribers reach and further increase the sales conversion rates.

The second phase of the project started on December 6, 2020, and will carry out pilot and dissemination practices until the end of the year. Tariff segmentation campaigns that are not included in the existing campaign systems, and call center, dealer channels will be offered on the mobile. Other channels such as SMS, IVR, and POS devices will be integrated into the system next year.

About the company

Türk Telekom is the formerly state-owned Turkish telecommunications company. Türk Telekom was separated from Turkish Post in 1995. Türk Telekom Group provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN, GSM to wide-band Internet. The Türk Telekom Group companies had 16.8 million PSTN customers, 6 million ADSL customers and 12.1 million GSM customers as of September 30, 2009. With its network substructure covering the whole country, the group's companies offer a wide range of services to personal and corporate customers.

Türk Telekom, which owns 99.9% of the shares of the companies TTNET, Argela, Innova, Sebit A.Ş. and AssisTT, is also the owner of 81% of the shares of Avea, which is one of the three GSM operators in Turkey. Türk Telekom also supports Albania's Albtelecom. 55% of the shares of Turk Telekom belongs to Levent Yapılandırma Yönetimi A.Ş. and 30% of the shares belongs to Turkey's Undersecretariat of Treasury. The remaining 15% of shares have been offered to the public.