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Terminal emulators are often underappreciated critical
software solutions. Users demand the highest level of
reliability, availability, and security. ZIE for Windows
aims to meet the expectations of its end users and
is committed to providing the best experience.

HCL ZIE For Windows Benefits

Optimized for Windows

ZIE for Windows is a native Windows 64-bit application which is designed to run on the latest releases of Windows operating environments. The product is tested with each release of Windows updates to ensure users continue to have reliable access to host systems.

Latest, Highest Security Standards

ZIE for Windows supports the latest security standard (Transport Layer Security 1.3 with FIPS) to ensure most secured connection to your host systems.

Easy Integration, Easy Automations

ZIE for Windows supports the Emulator High Level Language APIs (EHLLAPIS) and Host Access Class Library (HACL) to enable automation of repetitive tasks.


ZIE for Windows is a proven emulator solution which can meet the requirements of most demanding organisations around the world.