Worried About Mainframe Software License Compliance and Audit?

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HCL Z License Verification

HCL Z License Verification (ZLV) is the answer.
As a modern enterprise with a comprehensive digital transformation and modernization strategy, you would want to understand where you stand from a mainframe licensing perspective. However, some of the challenges on your path are:
  • Complex multivendor ecosystem with multiple software assets from multiple vendors.
  • Manual license reconciliation that is error prone and time consuming.
  • Diverse license types with varying licensing terms and validity.
ZLV empowers enterprises to identify software audit exposures quickly. It also creates actionable license verification insights and helps optimize costs.

The ZLV Advantage

Simplifying license verification and expediting outcomes

Identify cost optimization opportunities

ZLV creates insightful reports to help you reduce costs by verifying software usage against software entitlement.

Reduce software audit exposure risks

ZLV helps you ensure software license compliance by comparing your software inventory and its usage against software license information.

Empower your digital transformation and modernization journey to mainframes + cloud

ZLV helps modernize your technology ecosystem by integrating critical mainframe applications with modern cloud applications and providing insights into the intricacies of your mainframe software licenses.

Enable your license consolidation evaluations during mergers and acquisitions

ZLV enables you to know the holistic mainframe software license landscape to plan license consolidations and vendor contract renegotiations during mergers and acquisitions.

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