HCLSoftware Continues its Journey with European Cricket in 2024!

Publish Date: March 18, 2024


European Cricket and HCLSoftware embark on their second year of partnership after a valuable and successful 2023 season. Building on this success, both are set to deliver even more exciting moments for cricket enthusiasts across the world. The ECN digital content crew uses HCLSoftware solutions to showcase the best of European cricket to over 130 million European Cricket Network fans around the world.

The partnership between European Cricket and HCL Software has proven to be a winning combination, blending the passion for cricket with cutting-edge technology. Both organisations are committed to enhancing the cricketing experience for fans, players, and stakeholders.

HCLSoftware fuels the Digital+ economy by developing, marketing, selling, and supporting solutions in four key areas: digital transformation; data, analytics and insights; AI and intelligent automation and enterprise security. To amplify ECN fan engagement, the ECN is using HCL Unica, a cloud native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform. HCL Unica provides the precision marketing that will fuel ECN’s drive towards making cricket the number one bat and ball team sport in Europe. In addition to HCL Unica, ECN is using HCL Discover for website analytics providing deep behavioural insights into the online user journey, leading to positive experiences and increased online conversions. Additionally, the ECN is using Avalanche Cloud Data Platform from HCL Actian for real-time data insight to inform live updates from commentators.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with HCL Software," said Daniel Weston, Founder of European Cricket. "The VIP experience match during ECC23 was a great success. We look forward to building on this success and delivering more exciting moments for cricket enthusiasts in 2024."

One of the highlights of 2023 was the VIP experience match which took place during the European Cricket Championship 2023. Played by HCL Software staff and their VIP guests, it added a unique and exciting dimension to the tournament.

HCL Software expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership. "Last year proved how technology can enhance the engagement between the sport of cricket and its followers," said Dario Debarbieri, VP & Head of Marketing, HCLSoftware. "We are excited to unlock even more possibilities in 2024."

The partnership extension is a success for Kalyan Kumar as well, Chief Product Officer at HCL Software: "Our collaboration with European Cricket has been incredibly rewarding, and we are excited to continue our journey together. We look forward to further leveraging our technology to bring fans even closer to the game."

As the cricketing community eagerly anticipates the 2024 season, European Cricket and HCL Software are set to bring to you exciting events and more fan engaging campaigns that will further elevate the cricketing experience for fans and participants.