PUBLISHED DATE: November 12, 2019


HCLSoftware continues to innovate and deliver on its product roadmap to achieve customer success.  This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

  • Flexiem v1.0 – Derived from IBM ClearCase, it provides secure version management, control to soft assets, and dynamic views for unlimited repository support
  • Traxiem v1.0 – Derived from IBM ClearQuest’s change management software, a GUI-based design tool with low/No code development to generate complete workflow/database applications
  • HCL Integration Platform v10.0.2 – A unified solution for data integration and transformation, now with an enhanced flow design environment and monitoring dashboard
  • Informix v14.10.xc2 – An embedded database, now with deeper analytics from the gateway edge to cloud with high performance and secure encryption capabilities with graphical administration and monitoring too
  • ZIE for Windows – v1.0 – Terminal emulator solution for IBM System Z (mainframes) and System I (AS/400) to run on the latest release of windows desktop environments                                                   
  • Workload Automation for z/OS v9.5 – Run workloads dynamically across distributed network and z Systems with smooth workload submission
  • Digital Experience v9.5 – Digital experience management platform, combining production docker and Kubernetes support with digital asset management capability and greater consistency across front-end frameworks  and self-describing OpenAPI set of REST services
  • UrbanCode Velocity v1.3.0 -  Orchestrate and optimize delivery value stream with new Insights dashboard, metrics bar, user interface enhancements and updated plug-ins
  • UrbanCode Velocity v1.4.0 – Value Stream Management with CE edition for concurrent users to visualize their team’s value stream with scalable and robust plugin framework on Docker compose
  • UrbanCode Deploy v7.0.4.0 – Automate application deployments with container enhancements, agent environment variables, deployment warnings, token restrictions and agent relay actions 

Customers can also contact us for inquiries and assistance.