PUBLISHED DATE: February 9, 2020


Product innovation and business growth with HCLSoftware product releases...

HCLSoftware continues to innovate and deliver on its product roadmap to a meet growing enterprise needs for Automation, Commerce and Marketing, Data Management, DevSecOps, Digital Solutions, and Mainframes. This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

Flexiem v1.0.1 - A configuration management system that balances development flexibility with effective control of software and hardware assets with new enhancements that provide controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, schematics, test plans, and test results.Traxiem v1.0.1 - A change management software for enterprise-level scaling, process customization, and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity with new enhancements of full range of testing activities from test planeopleSoft, DataStage, Hadoop.

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ning, to test execution, to the capture and analysis of test results; Automate workflows and e-mail notification

Notes V11 - An email client software that gives teams access to email, calendar and contact management capabilities, and seamlessly integrates other collaboration tools and Domino business applications. New enhancements such as updated UI for a streamlined mail experience and updated calendar capabilities

Domino V11 - A rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes with new enhancements, where Domino apps go mobile, low-code development, integrate and synchronize with Microsoft 365 and other tools and applications across business. The Notes Domino V11 bundle features add-on’s - Designer V11/Traveler V11/Certificate Authority Administrator 3.0 (CAA).

Connections 6.5 & Connections mobile - An enterprise-collaboration platform, that brings relevant tools, apps, and tasks, in one place with docker support. New enhancements offer better engagement and adoption, improved efficiency and user experience as well as easy and rapid project management.

Sametime V11(Entitlement) -  A highly secure, persistent team chat, ideal for cross-team chat in countries with strict data privacy and gravity laws, comes as an entitlement for Notes/Domino V11 pack with enhancements such as intitutive user experience, deployment and management with Docker support and simplified architecture leveraging common administrative patterns.

UrbanCode Deploy – A solution that automates application deployments across your IT environments with quick feedback for continuous delivery, providing audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production. New enhancements offers robust container orchestration and governance flow through delivery pipeline.

UrbanCode Velocity 1.5.0 – A value stream management platform that integrates DevOps data together via multi-tool data which is accessible using a powerful DevOps Query Language and  a unique “dots” view to quickly spot bottlenecks. New enhancement offers pipeline aggregation, value stream visualization and light weight self-service tools to assist more frequent releases.

Workload Automation for z (HWAz) – A enterprise class scheduler to seamlessly orchestrate complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications for continuous automation. New enhancements allow users to centrally control all automation processes from the mainframes, assist automatic resolution of interdependencies and out of the box integration such as SAP, P