PUBLISHED DATE: Jun 22, 2020


HCLSoftware announced the introduction of the HCLSoftware DevOps practice and portfolio, including the general availability (GA) of three new major product releases to help clients tackle ‘Day 2’ DevOps challenges beyond automation. At the foundation of the practice is a team of thought leaders and experts with decades of experience in helping clients improve their processes by digitalizing their value stream and automating governance.

Value stream management (VSM) and security are at the forefront of the HCLSoftware DevOps portfolio. In this ‘Day 2’ phase of DevOps, organizations go beyond the tools alone, and address people and process using VSM and machine learning to make work visible and accelerate business agility.


Introducing the most transformative, comprehensive DevOps portfolio:

  • HCL Accelerate 2.0: Make Work Visible with Value Stream Management. HCL Accelerate enables users to visualize, orchestrate, and optimize their continuous delivery value streams using a unique ‘dots’ visualization method. New in 2.0 are environment gating based on policy management and out-of-the box reports.
  • HCL Launch 7.1: A Flexible Continuous Delivery Tool to Deploy Anything, Anywhere. From mainframe, to micro-services and everything in-between, HCL Launch modernizes continuous delivery with hundreds of integrations to build on your existing toolchain. HCL Launch 7.1 automates corporate governance and ensures that deployments only proceed if they have passed specific business rules.
  • HCL OneTest 10.1: Software testing tools supporting a DevOps approach. The HCL OneTest suite includes UI testing, performance testing, API testing, test data management, and service virtualization. New in 10.1, Kubernetes and OpenShift Support; and the introduction of the OneTest Server, and OneTest Data, a data fabrication tool to make sure the right data is on hand for testing.
  • HCL Compass: HCL’s change and issue management with custom workflow automation. From agile boards, to SAFe processes, and work item management, HCL Compass offers a complete track and plan solution.
  • HCL VersionVault: A secure, enterprise solution for development and source code assets.
  • HCL RTist: HCL’s modeling tool for designing, building, and deploying embedded, real-time systems and IoT software.
  • HCL AppScan: HCL’s automated application security testing and management platform, securing apps with little or no disruption to development.
  • DevOps Power Pack: Also new is the general availability (GA) of the HCLSoftware DevOps Power Pack, designed for organizations that are new to DevOps, as well as those that are ready to scale adoption and sophistication. The DevOps Power Pack includes entitlements to HCL Accelerate, HCL Launch, and HCL OneTest, plus 40 hours of services for installation, configuration, and team adoption.

"The HCLSoftware DevOps portfolio provides clients with the necessary tools and insights to achieve unprecedented business agility,” said Darren Oberst, CVP and Head of HCLSoftware. "Supported by a team of experts, customers not only get the most DevOps capabilities, but also get pragmatic real-life experience to help them implement a solution that actually works. With this portfolio, we are perfectly positioned to help clients who are looking to manage risk and control costs, by providing visibility and governance into an organization’s value stream, which is essential with the number of teams now working remote."

HCLSoftware DevOps offers a free half-day DevOps workshop to help organizations better understand the state of their DevOps environment, along with a full value stream assessment.

For more information, visit hcltechsw.com/devops or view the introductory webinar: hclsw.co/introdevops.

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Jeremy McNeive