Now Faster and More Intuitive to Digitize Critical Business Processes

PUBLISHED DATE: Jun 23, 2020


HCLSoftware today announced the release of expanded cloud-native computing support and new usability capabilities in its HCL Digital Experience (DX) 9.5 platform. Now business-critical meets cloud-native. HCL DX provides the ability to seamlessly combine digital content, complex business applications, and digitized business processes – all through authenticated access – on a secure cloud-native platform that scales. The new release will be generally available (GA) in July 2020.

HCL DX provides many significant updates and benefits:

  • Leading Cloud-Native Platform: Expanded cloud-native platform support improves productivity and provides unmatched flexibility and portability. Users can select the deployment model and on-premises or cloud computing platform of their choice and deploy 10 times faster. 
  • New Cloud-Native Digital Asset Manager (DAM) included Free: Users can manage digital content and media from creation to execution with ease at no additional charge.  
  • Re-imagined Content Composer: A completely new content composer helps users create new content in half the time with an intuitive interface and drag and drop simplicity. 

“’Business-critical meets cloud-native’ really exemplifies the HCL Digital Experience. DX is already known for its power and security, but with the added simplicity of cloud-native capabilities, installation and subsequent updates can be done in minutes, providing unmatched digital experience time to market,” said Darren Oberst, CVP of HCLSoftware. “In addition, leveraging Kubernetes support, the platform is able to be provisioned, updated, and scaled automatically - dramatically reducing cost for customers.”

“We are excited to learn of HCL’s focus on a reimagined user experience and a cloud-native digital asset manager included in the product,” Philip Cheshire, Director of Engineering, Asponte Technology. “The DAM adds exceptional value, and the new user interface will dramatically improve our ability to deliver digital experiences and updates faster.” HCL DX v9.5’s architecture allows for the separation of dynamic content from the design and layout of page content, allowing for better great flexibility to support the many and emerging digital touchpoints.

For more information on the latest advancements in HCL DX, please join our launch webinar on June 25th at 11 a.m. EST.

For further details, please contact:

Jeremy McNeive