HCLSoftware Announces BigFix Service Graph Connector for ServiceNow

The HCL BigFix Unified Endpoint Management Platform is now integrated with ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program, a new designation within the Technology Partner Program, to Help Customers Speed Up Response Time and Improve Security Across All Endpoints

PUBLISHED DATE: Sept. 16, 2020


HCLSoftware today announced that HCL BigFix has partnered with ServiceNow to improve visibility and control of endpoint devices. The partnership will help customers get better endpoint visibility for improved operations management and faster security response.

The integration combines visibility, and automation to make security and IT operations response faster and more efficient.

HCL BigFix is the only endpoint management platform that enables IT Operations and Security teams to fully automate discovery, management and remediation – whether it’s on-premise, virtual, or cloud – regardless of operating system, location or connectivity.

Service Graph Connectors harness the expertise of ServiceNow technology partners and ServiceNow engineering to provide a quick and reliable means of bringing third-party data into the ServiceNow Service Graph and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). BigFix Service Graph Connector enables customers to:

  • Enable customers to easily bring endpoint device information into a common, centralized repository – Service Graph and CMDB. This augments the information populated in Service Graph and CMDB by ServiceNow.
  • Synchronizes hardware and normalized software inventory from BigFix into the ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB.
  • Enable IT operation and security management across endpoint devices.

"Together, HCL BigFix and ServiceNow improve visibility of endpoints inside and outside of the data center, enabling this information to be collected automatically and synchronized with the ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB module,” said Darren Oberst, corporate vice president and head of HCLSoftware. “Having an accurate inventory of all your assets will reduce incident resolution times, avoid impactful changes due to visibility gaps, and assist when reviewing software counts.”

ServiceNow Service Graph, the next-generation system of record for digital products and services addresses the entire technology stack from infrastructure to the application layer. It includes ServiceNow’s CMDB, the repository for all infrastructure, relationships and configuration management information. With Service Graph, IT organizations are empowered with a broad and deep data foundation for managing the entire lifecycle of digital products and services. In addition, it underpins all ServiceNow products, allowing customers to tie together technology components, people, and processes into a service-oriented view. This connected approach enables customers to leverage their existing CMDB investments to rationalize portfolios, automate development, streamline cloud and security operations, manage risk, and understand ROI, driving high-value business outcomes.

“ServiceNow is leading the future of work by creating great experiences for businesses,” said Jeff Hausman, vice president and general manager of IT Operations Management, Security, and CMDB, ServiceNow. “We are pleased to have HCL BigFix be a part of the Service Graph Connector Program. With the rich endpoint data from HCL BigFix combined with ServiceNow Service Graph, we can jointly help customers get visibility across their enterprise estate for better security and operations.”

For more information, please visit our website www.hcltechsw.com or download from the ServiceNow Store here


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