PUBLISHED DATE: November 10, 2020


HCLSoftware announced today the newest capabilities of HCL Digital Experience (DX), where business critical meets cloud-native. The latest release of HCL DX makes it faster and easier than ever to deploy business critical digital experiences. New capabilities are now cloud-native for hybrid cloud deployments, including an all-new digital asset manager (DAM) and new developer toolkits to drastically improve productivity. The new release is being launched during HCLSoftware’s Digital Week, an inaugural virtual event for the company’s digital solutions customers.

HCL DX is the trusted platform organizations use to create, deliver and manage personalized business-critical digital experiences that serve their customers, employees, and partners on any digital channel. The latest release provides significant updates and benefits for all HCL DX customers including:

  • New capabilities are now cloud-native. Upgrade with zero effort. Employ a hybrid, cloud-native architecture and get the latest capabilities with no migration required. New hybrid cloud support enables administrators to deliver the latest capabilities 10x faster.
  • Hot DAM! All new content tools are here. Empower marketers with a redesigned content experience including a DAM for no additional charge, with sophisticated image rendition functionality and integration with Kaltura’s online video platform. This enables marketers to deliver critical digital content and media to their audiences in an instant.
  • All the insights. None of the complications. Provide teams with actionable insights to improve conversions by 85 percent. New integrated analytics from Unica Discover provide struggle detection and behavior insights to help improve the customer journey. Together with integration with Google Analytics 360, gain new insights to help optimize experiences every time and improve conversions
  • Improve developer productivity by 60 percent. Enable all developers to deliver applications to audiences quicker and easier by automating deployments. Automate the building, testing, and deployment of apps, using commonly used DevOps toolchain tools and reducing support costs. New Progressive Web App (PWA) on the desktop and or mobile devices means each experience is continually updated, distributed faster to target audiences, and without the need for an app store.

“It’s about more than creating a website. The power of HCL DX is to seamlessly combine digital content, complex business applications, and digitized business processes into a secure, impactful digital experience for an organization,” said Darren Oberst, CVP and Head of HCLSoftware. “We’ve listened to our customers and developed a significantly easier and faster way to enhance and deliver user experiences that matter.”

For more information on the latest advancements in HCL DX, please visit: https://hcltechsw.com/products/dx  

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