PUBLISHED DATE: November 11, 2020


HCLSoftware today announced the general availability (GA) of HCL Sametime Premium, the latest version of their secure video meetings and persistent chat platform. The new release was launched during HCLSoftware’s Digital Week, an inaugural virtual event for the company’s digital solutions customers.

The need for secure, stable communications capabilities has never been greater. HCL Sametime makes it easy for teams to be agile, meet business challenges, and build strong relationships. Some of the significant capabilities of HCL Sametime:

  • Provides rock-solid data privacy, encryption and auditabilityData and conversations are protected – whether in a private cloud or on-premises, allowing organizations the ability to establish security policies and deployment options with the peace of mind that their data will never be shared or harvested.
  • Get off runaway SaaS pricing to take control of meetings costs. By only paying for needed functionality, HCL Sametime has meetings and chat in one click at 50 percent the cost of competitive SaaS solutions.
  • Facilitates instant meetings and chat with one click. No waiting.  It only takes seconds to join a secure team chat, video meeting or to share files. No installation is required, and no joining a SaaS solution.
  • Deploy 80 percent faster with Kubernetes. Whether on a secure private cloud or on-premises, new automations save configuration and admin time, allowing for faster deployment and simpler installs with fewer servers.

“The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the critical need and importance of a reliable and secure communications platform that not only allows an organization to seamlessly continue their locale-based work remotely, but to do so efficiently, without navigating expensive runaway SaaS pricing,” said Darren Oberst, Corporate Vice President and Head of HCLSoftware. “From the largest team to the smallest workgroup, we want to reinvent video conferencing into a true “Digital Office” to enable and drive collaboration and teamwork effectively and with great value.”

For more information on HCL Sametime, please visit: https://www.hcltechsw.com/products/sametime  

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