PUBLISHED DATE: February 9, 2021


Kickstarting the new year with some latest product offerings from HCLSoftware to keep technology, people and processes relevant and future-ready.

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

BigFix 10.0.2 - BigFix 10.0.2 is full of numerous enhancements including a completely new way to search and filter as well as improved PeerNest performance with large payloads. Including updates to support major OS platforms including DB2 11.5.4, MS SQL Server 2019, multiple servers, relay, and agent qualifications.

BigFix MCM 1.1 - The BigFix MCM 1.1 release eases the provisioning and deployment burden of new users while improving security. With Zero-Touch Provisioning for remote employees, VPN Software & Certificate deployment, and New Restriction Policies, BigFix MCM 1.1 will easily empower employees with ease.

BigFix Patch - RHEL Extended Support v10 - BigFix Extended Patch for RHEL, which eliminates the need for customers to manually discover, curate, test and package ESU content - saving staff time while drastically reducing your window of vulnerability.

Commerce 9.1.4- HCL Commerce, a cloud native solution, delivers the next generation of customer experiences so that our clients can go beyond the transaction and deliver innovation at every touchpoint, anytime, anywhere.

Connections v7 - Connections v7 enables you to jumpstart your project teams with easy-to-use set-up wizard and templates built upon your best practices. Templates save time and help drive increased consistency that promotes successful results. Connections v7 also offers integration with Microsoft 365® so you can leverage the value of your Connections people-powered communities and content into your Microsoft eco-system.

Digital Experience- HCL Digital Experience is the trusted platform for business-critical digital experiences. We are pleased to announce that it is now available in the SoFy catalog speeding the provisioning time for DX down to a few minutes. Customers can deploy HCL DX on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, and by deploying with HCL SoFy you can dramatically simplify and accelerate a cloud-native deployment of HCL Digital Experience and also connect other HCL products and services in just a few clicks.

Domino Volt CD 1.0.2- HCL Domino Volt is a low-code capability that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade applications on the Domino platform. Highlights of the latest release include improved user experience, ability for app standardizations, and more ways to leverage Domino. These updates continue to empower users across the organizations to build apps faster and easier without technical skills while providing more value to their Domino investments.

HCL Link v1.1- HCL Link v1.1, a powerful, easy-to-use data integration platform that accelerates integration of the many applications and diverse data across an enterprise’s on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments. It enables complex data transformation and validation across a range of messaging standards and data formats, including those involving industry-specific standards. Connect. Transform.Activate!

HCL OneTest- HCL OneTest provides UI, API, and performance testing, as well as service virtualization and synthetic data fabrication to support testers throughout a project lifecycle. It features a script-less, wizard-driven test authoring environment and support for more than 100 technologies and protocols.

HCL OneTest Embedded- HCL OneTest Embedded is a unique solution for component testing and runtime analysis (code coverage, performance, memory and stack analysis, control and data coupling) that works on targets thanks to its Target Deployment Port technology.OneTest Embedded also provides a qualification kit that verifies compliance against the DO-330 standard - at the most critical tool qualification level (TQL-5).

Informix Packaged Service- Your Microsoft applications to make work more seamless. Built-in integration with Microsoft amplifies team communication, decision velocity, and productivity. Deploy all these powerful new features 90% faster with component pack and cloud native support.

HCL RTist- HCL RTist is a development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real-time applications. It is specifically designed to help software engineers with feature-rich tooling for design, analysis, building and deploying embedded, real-time systems and IoT applications.

Unica v12.1.0.3- Unica v12.1.0.3 - HCLSoftware’s Unica Fall Release delivers big enhancements to the Integrated Cloud Native V12.1 release. This Unica update provides better insights, deeper personalization and broader digital messaging for more impactful goal-based marketing with social, SMS, localized email and real-time marketing support for more powerful precision marketing at scale.

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