HCLSoftware Adds Actian Vector, DRYiCE™ MyCloud, and EXACTO™ Invoice to Product Catalog

PUBLISHED DATE: April 5, 2021


HCLSoftware announces the addition of complementary products from HCL Technologies – Actian Vector, DRYiCE™ MyCloud and EXACTO™  Invoice – to our product catalog. With HCL’s broad expertise in transforming IT, this collaboration of software products will further strengthen our ability to deliver customer success.

  • Actian Vector’s data warehouse supplements HCLSoftware’s Customer Experience Offerings, which are comprised of HCL Commerce, Digital Experience and Unica.
  • DRYiCE™ MyCloud for hybrid cloud management extends the value for HCLSoftware’s BigFix, Workload Automation and Secure DevOps suite of products.
  • EXACTO™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) optical document extraction and processing is a natural complement to HCL Workload Automation, HCL Domino and HCL Link integration platform.

These new additions are immediately available for HCLSoftware customers. We continuously innovate and bring additional value to our customers, whether it is through bringing new products to market, enhancements of existing products, partnerships, or collaboration with other divisions within HCL Technologies.

“This collaboration between HCLSoftware, Actian, DRYiCE™ Software and EXACTO™ will deliver significant value to our 20,000 customers who are looking for more value-added capabilities to surround their software developments.” said Doug Snadecki, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales, HCLSoftware.

Actian Vector - is a high-performance analytic data warehouse platform that leverages patented vector processing technology . Vector unleashes scalable performance features on top of commodity hardware. This gives customers next-generation MPP architecture for best-in-class performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouses and platform services. Integrating Vector with HCL Commerce, Digital Experience and Unica enables customers to scale and accelerate their ability for marketing, media, commerce analytics and machine learning workloads across the enterprise. Vector can be deployed as a cloud native solution giving customers the choice of on-prem, hybrid, or public cloud allowing them to own their data and avoid infrastructure lock-in.

“We are excited about our joint collaboration with HCLSoftware and look forward to introducing Actian Vector Data Warehouse to HCL customers. Vector is the fastest analytics data warehouse in the industry, complementing HCLSoftware’s product portfolio to provide sub-second data analytics at scale.” - Vikas Mathur, SVP of Products, Actian

DRYiCE™ MyCloud - MyCloud is a proactive multi-cloud lifecycle management product that empowers enterprises to govern, provision, monitor and manage Cloud infrastructure. It combines data exploration and data visualization in an easy-to-use application to enable effective analysis and actionable insights for IaaS and PaaS. The data-driven recommendations and advisories from MyCloud ensures continuous optimization of the Cloud environment across areas including cost, performance, security, and utilization.

“This collaboration between HCLSoftware and DRYiCE™ Software will help our clients accelerate their journeys to a hybrid cloud environment” said Amit Gupta, EVP & Global Head, DRYiCE Software at HCL Technologies. “MyCloud enables enterprises to drive automation, agility, cost control and compliance in a hybrid cloud environment and when used with uDeploy provides an end-to-end platform for automating application deployments in cloud environments”.

EXACTO™ Invoice - EXACTO™ is developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is a result of our continued investments in Research and Development. EXACTO™ harnesses the latest innovations in AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Computer Vision techniques that integrate seamlessly with any upstream/downstream system & Robotic Process Automation to create a differentiated product. Using Smart Data Extraction capability, EXACTO™ accelerates invoice processing system with very high degree of accuracy. Trained over millions of invoices, EXACTO™ offers high Straight Through Process capability. With its self-learning capability using Deep neural network technology, EXACTO™ can be trained by end user to capture new data fields on documents with ease.

“We look forward to this collaboration between EXACTO™ and HCLSoftware. EXACTO™ brings in Intelligent Content Digitization for customers that can turn any business into a truly digital business at its core, complementing HCLSoftware’s vision of delivering exemplary customer experience through relentless innovation.” Ritesh Jain – VP & Head of Automation, DPO, HCL Technologies

Customers can contact us for inquiries and assistance on the aforementioned products.