PUBLISHED DATE: April 8, 2021


HCLSoftware announced today new capabilities for HCL Commerce 9.1.6 that remove friction from the buying process and help clients sell more products and services. The latest release of HCL Commerce turns customer service representatives (CSR) into a critical sales channel by enabling them to take control of the shopping cart on behalf of a customer and complete the sale.

To help marketers and merchandisers understand what is happening in their business and make better informed decisions, HCL Commerce expanded visibility into sales performance. Using data from Google Analytics and delivered in a series of visual dashboards in Commerce Management Center, business users get insights into customer behavior to help them make the right offers and promotions at the right time to drive conversions.

To ensure that customers can handle the growing volume of transactions, HCL Commerce has enhanced our cloud-native platform with updates that deliver improved scalability, flexibility, reliability and ease of use across multi-cloud deployments.

The top 3 enhancements include:

  • New Customer Service Hub – Delivered as part of the reference storefronts introduced in 9.1, customer service reps can drive sales performance by helping customers perform actions like change an order, cancel an order or reorder products, as well as take control of a shopping cart when a customer is struggling to checkout.
  • Expanded Analytics and Insights – Business users can now make better business decisions with views into sales performance by category and product across all channels. Plus, new views into search ‘hits and misses’ and the ability to track where customers are coming from and what content they consumed.
  • Cloud Native Enhancements – HCL Commerce now supports HCL OneDB, a high-performance cloud-optimized database, which is available for ‘early-adopter’ customers who want cloud native portability and improved scalability. To enhance extensibility, all the platform APIs are now compatible with the latest draft of the JSON Schema, enabling clients to build the experience the brand expects.

“We continue to enhance HCL Commerce to be the cloud-native transaction platform that helps our customers sell more,” said Raj Iyer, Vice President of Product Management at HCLSoftware. “Recent benchmarks show we can now scale effortlessly to 100,000 orders per hour, supporting clients who are relying more and more on their commerce platform to drive their business.”

For more information on HCL Commerce,
please visit:https://hcltechsw.com/products/commerce

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