HCL Announces Unica Spring Release with Support for Mobile Push, AdTech Integrations and an Enhanced Cloud-Native Foundation

PUBLISHED DATE: April 12, 2021


HCLSoftware today announced its Unica Spring release, featuring key enhancements that strengthens the platform’s message delivery capabilities and broadens its integrated digital channels. Built on the recently announced partnership with Google Cloud, this latest release brings native support for Google Adtech to enhance goal-based marketing. Marketers are able to improve their advertising efforts and their ability to leverage the Google toolkit.

The Unica Spring release has enhancements for mobile push integration to existing email, SMS and WhatsApp channels, which give marketers even more control and agility to plan, personalize and deliver a more engaging customer experience. Additionally, integrations to new AdTech channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) will allow marketers greater control and precision of their advertising campaigns. IT teams also gain immense benefits from a more diverse cloud native stack, flexible deployment options and robust deployment monitoring.

Key features and benefits of the updated Unica platform include:

Enhanced Cloud-Native Foundation – Flexible Deployments and More Diverse Stack

  • Dockerized deployment of latest platform updates
  • Deployment charts with support for deploying Kafka from external images
  • Deployment charts with support for Application Load Balancer
  • Support for Actian Vector and Oracle 12c/19c customer databases

Integrated Platform – More Channels, Better Planning, Rich Insights and Enhanced Personalization

  • Journey driven personalized messaging on WhatsApp channel through Unica Deliver
  • Audience syndication for ad-tech targeting on Google Ad Platform
  • Better goal planning with To-Do planner, offer states and rich insights with Journey milestone analytics, Campaign waterfall reports, 3rd party cognitive offer tagging and enhanced A/B testing analysis
  • Enhanced personalization with smart offer content-attribute mapping, event/event pattern driven offer suppressions, segments and geo macro

Deliver Without Limits – Give your digital marketing a PUSH

  • Engage audiences on the go with world-class integrated push messaging through Unica Deliver and Kumulos
  • Trigger real-time personalized messaging on Email/SMS/WhatsApp channels through Unica Interact’ s Deliver gateway
  • Faster messaging build experience with Unica Deliver QuickBuilder search and offer integration enhancements

“This last year, we have been focused on expanding our digital footprint with capabilities in message delivery and broadening digital channels,” said Raj Iyer, Vice President of Product Management, HCLSoftware. “This release delivers on both of these fronts and comes on the heels of our partnership with Google Cloud, which gives our customers a cost-efficient cloud environment where they quickly deploy our complete cloud native platform and leverage the robust suite of Google capabilities.”

For more information, visit: Unica.com or view the Unica resource library at live.unica.com . To register for the Unica Spring release overview webinar, click Here.

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