PUBLISHED DATE: May 11, 2021


This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

  • AppScan CodeSweep for GitHub - The new HCL AppScan CodeSweep action for GitHub enables development organizations to check every line of new code introduced for potential vulnerabilities. Available on the GitHub marketplace, users can use this for free by signing up for an account or using an already existing ASoC account. Head over to https://hclsw.co/codesweepgithub and start checking all your code before you send it to production.
  • AppScan on Cloud – HCL AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) offers several improvements to provide better visibility, ease of use, and new developer-centric advisories with sample code to remediate. Updates include a new collapsible side menu; new customizable grids (tables) of information; and the ability to navigate between different views using breadcrumbs at the top of the page. To try AppScan for free today, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/appscan/poc.
  • Accelerate 2.3 - HCL Accelerate 2.3 delivers enhancements in reporting and data visibility to our value stream management platform. Dynamic swim lanes allow users to segment data by epics, releases, and sprints for next-level traceability. An open pipeline gives users the ability to support any CI/CD tool through API commands and gain visibility into HCL Launch’s snapshot contents.
  • Commerce 9.1.6 – HCL Commerce is the transaction platform that helps you sell more! Cloud native by design, Commerce delivers the performance, scalability, and security you need in today's digital economy in the cloud of your choice or on-premises.
  • Launch 7.1.2. - HCL Launch 7.1.2 provides governance and UI enhancements to our enterprise-level continuous delivery platform. A new centralized user interface for artifact retention settings gives administrators the ability to configure and enforce policies quickly and easily, ensuring that all teams are following artifact retention best practices. Extended user authentication support enables secure access via OpenID Connect. New snapshot status gates allow users to govern snapshot-based deployments with a single check.
  • RTist 11.1 2021.10 – HCL RTist has features that show graphically how an event can be routed in the composite structure of a capsule. You can now use this feature to easily navigate from a place in the code where an event is sent, to the transition that will receive it.
  • OneTest Embedded 8.3.1 – HCL OneTest Embedded helps be more proactive in debugging, while identifying and assisting in fixing code before it breaks.
  • Unica 12.1.04 - The Unica Spring Release strengthens the cloud-native platform’s message delivery capabilities with the addition of mobile push to its current digital/social channel stack (Email, SMS & WhatsApp) and Google AdManager to its AdTech channel stack (Facebook & LinkedIn), giving marketers greater coverage, control, and precision with their omnichannel customer engagements.
  • Verse v2.1.0 - This newest version of HCL Verse adds several new admin and useability features to enhance the performance of the email client and to enable collaboration and productivity. For more details on this release, please see the release note HERE.

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