HCL BigFix Redefines Unified Endpoint Management to Manage Every Endpoint  

Extending management to iOS and Android with BigFix Mobile, the BigFix platform now covers over 100 OS versions to find more, fix more and do more, faster. 

PUBLISHED DATE: July 27, 2021

HCLSoftware announced today a major release of its BigFix endpoint management platform and introduced BigFix Mobile, extending automation and compliance to secure and manage iOS and Android devices. With the addition of BigFix Mobile, the BigFix platform provides unparalleled visibility and remediation automation for every endpoint. Unlike complex tools that only cover a limited portion of endpoints and take weeks or months to remediate vulnerabilities, BigFix can find and fix every endpoint. 


“The innovation that we continue to invest into the BigFix platform addresses three key mobile management customer needs – automating management, unifying operations, and extending security,” said Kristin Hazlewood, Vice President and General Manager, HCL BigFix. “Unlike bolt-on, disjointed offerings that only address stand-alone segments of IT security and operations, BigFix streamlines processes and consolidates management tools.” 


BigFix Mobile includes: 

  • Automating management with zero touch device enrollment, configuration, remediation, compliance, posture assessment and analytics. 
  • Unifying operations with a single solution and methodology for every device, including iOS, iPadOS and Android.
  • Extending Securityof devices against threats to reduce data loss and increase compliance - setting passcodes; restricting devices and OS update policies; managing application blacklists and whitelists; configuring camera and print settings; and more.


In addition to BigFix Mobile, HCLSoftware is pleased to announce several user-inspired enhancements to the popular BigFix platform:

  • Encryption and key management of laptops to help protect data while easing end user support. 
  • Native PowerShell support to expand adoption using industry standard automation language. 
  • Multi-cloud management automation for unified management of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Tenable.IO and Tenable Lumin integration to further cement BigFix as the premier remediation solution for Tenable.
  • Intuitive Query Builder  to increase productivity of less technical admins.  


“Enterprises continue to be challenged to balance the flexibility and productivity of mobile devices while maintaining security controls. Standalone first generation UEM solutions were born out of this unmet need. Now enterprises are looking to consolidate UEM and client management tools in 2021,” said Phil Hochmuth, program VP, Enterprise Mobility and Endpoint, IDC. “HCL BigFix offers a unique advantage in consolidating tools, streamlining processes and making mobile and IT Operations teams more efficient.”


For more information on BigFix Mobile, please visit: https://hcltechsw.com/bigfix/offerings/mobile


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