PUBLISHED DATE: August 10, 2021

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:


HCLSoftware is Cloud Native – HCLSoftware’s Cloud Native strategy combines a technical platform rooted in the most widely adopted Cloud Native technologies with the choice and freedom that allows each customer to adopt Cloud Native in a way that best meets their own specific business objectives. Read the full press release here.


SoFy - HCL SoFy, the foundational Cloud Native platform, allows clients to deploy enterprise software in minutes on their Cloud of choice, without vendor lock-in, and scale to enterprise needs. Key features of SoFy include; easy access to 50 product components, 2,000+ REST API endpoints, and Cloud Native demos, one-click deployment and implementation of a multi-cloud  strategy to run on anyCloud – public, private or hyrid.


HCL Now - HCL Now unlocks the full potential of HCL’s product and service capabilities on a Cloud platform of the client’s choice. The Cloud Native-as-a-Service offers: Cloud Native Now: enterprise-grade availability, unlimited scalability and flexibility built from the ground-up as Cloud Native along with dedicated, secure environments deployed and managed on the customer’s public Cloud of choice. Experts On-Demand: reduced risk and cost while transitioning to Cloud Native, empowered and enabled by our Cloud and HCL product experts. More for Less, No Lock-in: software and customization investments portability to any Cloud, public or private as well as shared initial investment to kick-start your transformation.


Accelerate 2.4 – HCL Accelerate 2.4.0 delivers new multi-branching capabilities to enable complete visualization of your most complex value stream maps and Git branching scenarios. New updates to the pipeline allow users to on-board an Azure DevOps application and enable parallel deployments alongside HCL Launch, Jenkins, and others. Deployment tool not supported? We can build a plugin for you! Users can also unite the API-driven pipeline with existing applications to strengthen the value chain. No data, no problem! HCL SoFy offers a complete demo ready solution which can be automatically configured, in less than 10 minutes, to experience the power of the value chain in HCL Accelerate.


AppScan 10.0.5 –  HCL AppScan 10.0.5 delivers new and improved “How to Fix” information (including advisory, fix recommendations, and more) delivering detailed code-specific solutions to potential vulnerabilities for multiple code languages across all AppScan programs. AppScan Enterprise users can celebrate as the update also includes the official release of Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). Furthermore, this latest version includes new compliance report upgrades and new application and infrastructure testing. AppScan is committed to continuously delivering secure technological innovations, and our latest version is a testament to that commitment.


BigFix Mobile – BigFix Mobile extends automation and compliance to secure and manage iOS and Android devices. With the addition of BigFix Mobile, the BigFix platform provides unparalleled visibility and remediation automation for every endpoint. BigFix Mobile benefits include; automating management with zero-touch device enrollment, unifying operations with a single solution and methodology for every device, and extending security of devices against threats to reduce data loss and increase compliance. Read the full press release here.


Commerce 9.1.7 – The “transaction platform that helps you sell more” now has additional tools enabling merchandisers and marketers to meet their business goals.  With new Search and Page Composer capabilities, HCL Commerce now allows business users to quickly make revenue impacting adjustments to the buyer experiences and meet their targets.  Also, with the addition of HCL OneDB, clients now have the option to use a cloud native database to achieve near-zero downtime, better horizontal scaling for high availability, improved data replication between data centers, and higher scalability and performance.


Digital Experience – Architected to build more than just websites, DX enables digital leaders, developers, marketers and content owners to create powerful, seamless experiences behind the login to digitize processes, manage content and digital assets, while keeping data private and secure. In a time where digital experiences are so vital to the health and welfare of an organization, its employees, partners and their customers, this HCL DX release coupled with HCL’s Cloud-Native strategy puts them in the driver’s seat for innovation. Read the full press release here.


Domino v12 – The newest version is cloud-native, web and mobile-ready, and includes low code capability — all out of the box. Domino v12 marks a major milestone to enrich the application development ecosystem from business users to professional IT developers and provides essential business value with low total cost of ownership. Domino powers 10 million apps that run the business of more than 15,000 companies worldwide, including global giants in the automotive, financial and retail industries. Read full press release here.


Domino Volt 1.0.3 – The latest version of Domino Volt includes integration with HCL Link, which is greatly expanding and simplifying integration options to relational database, SaaS services, REST services, Excel spreadsheets and more. There are now more ways to use Domino with the added ability to trigger Domino Agents to run from events in your app. The addition of app pages in this release enables front-end menus and  dashboards, with navigation elements without writing any code.


Launch 7.2 – HCL Launch 7.2.0 provides governance and UI enhancements to our enterprise-level continuous delivery platform. A new webhook implementation helps to connect with other products in a customer’s ecosystem that can accept a webhook. Common uses are enabling notifications to team communications tools like Slack & Teams after major events in HCL Launch like deployment success or failure. A new centralized user interface for Java management in the UI gives administrators the ability to upgrade Java quickly across all Launch agents. This ensures that all agents are upgraded to the latest Java security fixpacks across different operating systems. A new plugin for BMC Compuware ISPW can help customers do single click deploy applications across different technological platforms using Launch as the primary deployment tool.


OneTest 10.2 – HCL OneTest 10.2 expands the testing capability to test GraphQL endpoints, while adding easier application under test configuration control, AI/ML test-driven solutions, application modeling and a SAP ecosystem support refresh. New updates to the pipeline allow users to orchestrate execution on physical environments where applications are installed for testing. Also, OpenSource users can leverage all additional reporting tools offered as resource monitoring to enrich and extend the output of their existing solution.


Sametime v11.6 – HCL Sametime is what complex industries and government entities use to ensure their most important communications are secure. It’s a cost-effective, proven and trusted persistent chat and video meetings platform, built for how today’s modern organizations need to be working — nimbly, securely, and remotely.

The latest version of Sametime gives you even more capabilities and options at your control – from choice of secure meeting formats (one-on-one meetings, streaming, or lecture style) to the option of joining from anywhere with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the rock solid data privacy, encryption and auditability you can expect – all at half of the cost of competitive meetings solutions.


Unica 12.1.1 – HCL Unica, the marketing automation platform that helps customers achieve personalization at scale, is immediately available as a cloud native-as-a-service offering - HCL Unica on HCL Now. It is powered by the HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) and lets customers unlock the full potential of Unica’s cloud native marketing platform. This offering is designed for companies that need the convenience of SaaS but want to avoid cloud vendor lock-in, to prevent data-sharing with competitors, and gain more control of their security and compliance.


ZIE for Web 2.0 – Connecting to the Mainframe has never been quicker, with more device options, and with a central laser focus,  where the end user clicks on a URL and instantaneously connects from anywhere and any device type to the mainframe applications and environment. It is a Multi-Platform, and Zero Footprint Browser-Based Emulator designed to be compatible with a wide range of browsers and operating systems.


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