PUBLISHED DATE: November 10, 2021

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:


Accelerate 3.0 – HCL Accelerate 3.0.0 continues to reduce complexity to manage your software delivery processes through the introduction of an in-browser Value Stream JSON editor and adoption of Safe Feature modeling. Tackle enterprise security expectations and leverage Accelerate’s data with the expansion of our Automated Gates to better govern pipeline deployments. Do you need to control who can view value streams or dashboards? Then leverage a Custom Role to build your own targeted permission set to fit your product team’s needs and administrative requirements. No data, no problem! HCL SoFy offers a complete demo-ready solution which can be automatically configured, in less than 10 minutes, to experience the power of the value chain in HCL Accelerate.


AppScan 10.0.6 –  HCL AppScan V10.0.6 is re-imagining what it means to provide application security in every phase of the development lifecycle. From empowering developers, by offering an expansive supporting language portfolio and coverage in several IDEs platforms for our SAST offering, to provide an enhanced user experience with upcoming upgrades to our AppScan Standard solution. Furthermore, this latest version delivers new security updates, reporting options, and a new summary section for regulatory compliance reports.


Commerce 9.1.8 – The transaction platform that helps you sell more has made it easier to deploy a complete cloud native commerce platform using HCL SoFy. For quick deployment we added HCL OneDB to the automated build process, so that clients can now achieves near-zero downtime, better horizontal scaling for high availability, improved data replication between data centers, and higher scalability and performance out of the box. For clients looking to migrate to the new HCL Commerce search engine, this process has been improved through updates that have streamlined the process.


Compass 2.0.3 – HCL Compass 2.0.3 is converting existing customers, regaining former customers, and expanding our market to new customers by modernizing the product, closing gaps with competitors, and offering compelling new functionality.


Discover 12.1.2 – HCL Discover provides behavioral insight into the online user journey, allowing you to deliver the kind of optimized experience that improves conversion and makes users want to visit again. Discover 12.1.2 adds containerization for session archiving, along with support for AWS and Azure


Domino Volt 1.0.4 – Domino Volt 1.0.4 release delivers on the promise of “building apps and not just forms.”The data grid in combination with app pages and navigation make it much easier to address many application scenarios. This new release allows you to build apps to include forms with improved function and user experience. Apps can be created in half the time and in many cases without writing a line of code.


Launch 7.2.1 – HCL Launch 7.2.1 provides governance and UI enhancements to our enterprise-level continuous delivery platform. A new ELK based reporting helps to make sense of the large amount of data in Launch using any ELK setup that a customer might already have. A new single page deployment heavily reduces the number of clicks required to do deployments and gives a single page for view for quick and easy deployments. Enhancements for our Java management feature provides way to maintain java across multiple agents using a single click. This ensures that all agents are upgraded to latest Java security fixpacks across different operating systems including windows. A new integration with Mainframe Endevor/ Changeman tools provides a better way to deploy to newly created environments in Mainframe instead of spending manual effort to customize the existing setup.


Link – HCL Link is a powerful no-code integration tool that accelerates the integration of many applications and diverse data across your on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.


OneDB 2.0 – HCL OneDB 2.0 continues to march ahead of the competition with its cloud native foundation. OneDB offers the versatility, reliability, and ease of use needed to address today's data management and application development challenges. As a result, HCL OneDB is being rapidly adopted within HCLSoftware's portfolio as the best data platform for quick and effortless cloud native deployment.


VersionVault Express 2.0 – HCL VersionVault Express is a simplified, user-friendly version control and configuration management solution based off HCL VersionVault. HCL VersionVault Express integrates with build and test tools to deploy, test, and promote new builds with ease.


VoltMX 9.2 – HCL Volt MX 9.2 enables organizations to create game-changing apps, unlock the power of any device, and increase developer velocity across the software delivery lifecycle. In this release, we are providing exciting new features such as event triggered workflow service, RedHat PAM integration and enhanced augmented reality capabilities.


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