HCLSoftware Offering 90-day Free Trial of its Workload Automation Platform


HCL Workload Automation offers streamlined modeling, advanced AI and open integration for observability.


PUBLISHED DATE: March 04, 2022


HCLSoftware, a division of HCL Technologies (HCL) that operates its primary software business, announced the availability of its Workload Automation platform to provide companies with orchestrating unattended and event-driven tasks for IT and business processes. With the evolution of automation needs to help organizations proactively combat one-stop automation modelling, HCLSoftware is making the platform available for 90 days as a free trial.

Digital transformation and modernization continue to be the focal point as business processes are interconnected with platforms and heterogeneous systems. Scheduling and synchronizing automation tasks, scheduling on distinct platforms, working in diverse locations, and managing job automation are among the top challenges. Analyst firms such as Gartner and EMA recommend that organizations strengthen their business process modernization by proactively assessing job scheduling across multiple platforms and applications including heterogeneous systems.

“The workload automation market continues to evolve and become more important to the future of digital transformation and automation, with vendors going all in on cloud and widespread integration occurring,” said Dan Twing, EMA President & Analyst. “HCL Automation Power Suite (including HCL Workload Automation) makes its debut on the EMA WLA Radar Report scoring high in all categories and ranked as a Value Leader.”

HCLSoftware architects analyzed challenges of IT workload automation and job scheduling over the last two years to identify a robust cloud-first architecture. Architects mapped this architecture to sync with deployment on distinct platforms and operating in diverse locations.

Leveraging this research and adapting to the evolution of the automation space, HCL Workload Automation can help organizations orchestrate unattended and event-driven tasks for IT and business processes from legacy to cloud & Kubernetes systems. Once deployed, it can accelerate the digital transformation of modern enterprises, ensuring business agility and resiliency.

“Digital and cloud transformation are moving the standard scheduling platforms, considered in the past as a commodity, to a Service Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAP),” said Rajesh Iyer, Senior Vice President, Product Management at HCLSoftware. “As enterprises look to evolve and innovate, they are evaluating strategies to accelerate this transformation, whether it be investing in their legacy systems (distributed or mainframe), or re-hosting and re-architecting solutions and applications by leveraging cloud native initiatives. HCL Workload Automation as a one-stop automation platform is enabling this change.”

HCL Workload Automation version 10 leverages streamlined modelling, advanced AI and open integration for observability to accelerate IT and business automation including:

  • Optimize data transfers and processing by integrating the file transfer operations within automation workflows. The solution leverages a single point of control and integration for Managed File Transfer (MFT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & big data applications that allow synchronization of automation tasks allowing for movement of files between agents and connection to the specific business process.
  • Enhanced operational experience powered by AI to analyze workload data and observability to empower product operations. A one-line, one-click cloud native platform powered by an AI anomaly detects all workloads fulfilling the need to be observable through open standards.
  • One-stop automation modelling to bridge IT and business applications with intuitive design. With this latest version, teams can model their workloads with a faster and streamlined interface via contextual help that provides clear guidance.

HCLSoftware Workload Automation v10 is available immediately. Please follow the link to sign up for a 90-day free trial.

To learn more, join the HCL Workload Automation team on March 8th for a live Sponsored Webinar with SD Times, Accelerate IT Automation with Streamlined Modelling and AI or explore about our Analyst recommendations here.

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