HCLSoftware Announces the Unica Spring Release Enabling Easy to Build Hyper-Personalized Engagements with Accelerated Execution


Publish Date: March 31, 2022 

HCLSoftware today announced the Unica spring release with new platform enhancements that continue to deliver precision marketing at scale. The newest update to the cloud native integrated marketing platform helps marketers deliver personalized engagements that is easy to build and optimize with faster execution, all while being compliant with customer preferences.

The Unica spring release makes it easier and faster for marketers and IT professionals to achieve their goals by delivering:

  • Quick start industry-specific journey templates and journeys that support masking of customer PI data, channel capacity constraints and regional contact preferences.
  • Out-of-the-box preference center to capture omnichannel customer consent and seamlessly enforce them across digital campaigns.
  • Elevated digital messaging that is compliant with channel capacity constraints, regional contact preferences, customer preferences and landing pages that are highly personalized.
  • Real-time channel insights and playback to understand customer engagement and optimized personalization strategy.
  • More secure deployments with enhanced password encryption, AWS secret manager support and support for Unica Discover deployment on Azure.

“Our focus with HCL Unica is to continue to deliver innovation that helps marketers reach their goals easier and faster,” said Raj Iyer, Senior Vice-President of Product Management at HCLSoftware. “This release supports that mission by making it easier to build personalized consumer engagements, while maintaining adherence with privacy and compliance standards.”

The Unica spring release is available immediately on the customers’ premises or the cloud of their choice, delivered by HCL Solution Factory (SoFy) and HCL Now.  

For more information on product, please visit: www.unica.com   

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