HCL DX Orion Release Allows Practitioners to Build Digital Experiences using Pre-built Integrations, less Code and Consumption-based Pricing

Publish Date: June 27, 2022

Today, HCLSoftware announced a milestone in CX platform innovation with the latest HCL DX release called Orion. HCL’s strategy enables enterprises to deploy a proven, multi-cloud, and secure Digital Experience Platform (DXP) faster to solve their toughest digital transformation, integration, and engagement challenges.

Architected to build more than just simple content websites, this DX release enables:

  • Practitioners to connect to any data or app with ease within Design Studio’s new data container, plus create pages faster
  • DX’s embedded Citizen Developer capability, HCL Leap, includes an updated app design and a new visual workflow experience
  • Richer content experiences with automated image tagging and digital enrichment
  • Organizations to customize their Digital Asset Manager (DAM) service to suit their needs
  • Businesses can scale their DX investments dynamically using consumption-based pricing and enhanced Kubernetes removing barriers to new workloads and seasonal peaks

“With the DX Orion release, HCL delivers business-critical digital experiences at cloud scale,” said Richard Jefts, SVP for HCL Digital Solutions. “HCL’s CX strategy, which includes HCL DX at its core, creates a platform of trust for organizations who need cutting edge and secure digital solutions at the intersection of applications, process and content.”

Organizations using HCL DX reach more than one billion people every day and they are seeing amazing results: from more than 30 percent gains in loyalty, a 40 percent increase in self-service, and more than 45 percent increase in conversion rates.

The HCL DX Orion release includes the following enhancements:

  • Practitioner experiences with less code, faster - Design Studio Page Editor enhancements to lists, templates & symbols; DAM Extensibility - event-based custom functionality – customized editions for specific rendition of assets for target form factors; Leap v9.3 - updated App Design & new Visual Workflow
  • Developers create, integrate & automate with ease - This release makes promoting digital assets (in the DAM) from staging to production easier, plus provides automated image tagging and enrichment of content.
  • CX Experience delivered with more power - Enhanced Design Studio support for external data containers such as HCL’s Volt Foundry middleware and API management capabilities. Extensible personalization including new APIs for rule management and invocation, for example, create and invoke a profile rule for segmentation that can render personalized content or apps in real-time.
  • Cloud Native deployment that lowers your TCONew Pricing & Packaging consumption-based pricing & licensing built for Kube; Helm - transparent, configurable Kube deployments; Cloud-native - rolling update, logging & metrics support; Entitled customers are able to download every new release from HCL SoFy’s externally-facing docker repository.

The HCL CX portfolio including HCL DX are available for deployment on-premises, on a Hyperscale platform of choice such as AWS, GCP, Azure or OpenShift, or within HCL Now cloud platform managed by HCLSoftware.

For more information on HCL DX, please visit: www.hcltechsw.com/dx

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