Publish Date: August 09, 2022 

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

Accelerate v3.1.0 - HCL Accelerate’s v3.1.0 includes feature and performance improvements for our largest customers. Leverage our entire data lake with Custom Reports to generate auditable documents, dashboards, and charts. Growing servers should notice significant speed and stability improvements to metric calculation and concurrent deployment plan usage. Check out our plugins website for new and updated plugins, such as HCL AppScan Enterprise, GitHub Actions, Dependabot, GitLab, and WhiteSource.

AppScan v10.0.8 - The AppScan® Source command line interface (CLI) has been containerized, thus allowing the application and security scanning to be more efficient and more robust. Once installed and configured, a testing environment can be created quickly, on-demand, and quickly, and scans can be run concurrently.”   

Automation Power Suite for Z - The Automation Power Suite for Z is the bundle offering comprising of HCL Workload Automation for Z and HCL Clara for Z. With Automation Power Suite for Z, customers can automate more, better and smarter to build an enterprise automation platform with a mainframe engine. With HCL Workload Automation, users can orchestrate business-critical processes against business KPIs, from a centralized point of control across platforms (from mainframe to containers). Additionally, they can build their own enterprise automation hub with Workload Automation and a various integration available on the Automation Hub catalog. covering a wide spectrum of automation needs, from IT tasks to business processes.

BigFix Remediate v10.0.7 - HCL BigFix Remediate extends the power of BigFix Patch with the industry’s fastest vulnerability remediation of most applications to align security and IT operations and shrink the enterprise attack surface. Unlike solutions that remediate a limited set of endpoints and force security teams to ‘throw it over the wall’, Tightly integrated with the world's leading Vulnerability Management solutions, BigFix Remediate reduces endpoint management tool cost, consolidates multiple tools, and reduces process complexity and security risk.

Clara v2.0 - HCL Clara is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that enhances Workload Automation customer experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) interactions, enabling customized self-service automation with immediate 24x7 response. HCL Clara is the product expert that users can consult to learn the product capabilities, execute routine tasks, and get troubleshooting assistance. In HCL Clara v2, a completely redesigned User Interface improves customer interaction, usability, and accessibility. A more efficient entity recognition allows for faster conversation flow. A brand new dashboard makes Clara customization easier and provides useful metrics.

Commerce v9.1.11 - HCL Commerce Marketplace is an addition to the company’s HCL Commerce platform that will allow customers to take advantage of the shift in increased online buying while taking digital transformation to a higher level. The advantages of Marketplace is the ability to expand your product assortment without having to procure the inventory and manage the fulfilment. Buyers or customers enjoy a better experience by finding everything they need, leading to increased loyalty and return visits.

Digital Experience - The latest release of HCL DX includes enhancements for practitioners, developers, business leaders and IT professionals. Practitioners can now build experiences with less code, faster. Developers can create, integrate and automate with more ease. Business leaders can deliver a total customer experience. IT Professionals can deploy and manage cloud-native instances faster and easier all with a lower total cost of ownership.

Launch v3 - HCL Launch had three major releases and several Fix Packs, these included feature and performance improvements for customers. Natively integrate with external secret stores like Vault/CyberArk to help customers rotate security credentials easily. Key rotation was upgraded and now can rotate encryption keys as needed. Log4j was upgraded to v2.x and Groovy was upgraded to v3.

Leap v9.3 - Our latest HCL Leap v9.3 delivers major improvements to help you automate processes faster than ever and unleash innovation with your business users and citizen developers. This release includes new features and tools enabling continuous process improvements in a secure and sustainable way, modernized UI, and new Java script editor. Turn all your great ideas into real innovative solutions with HCL Leap.

OneTest v10.2.3 - The latest release, HCL OneTest v10.2.3, became generally available at end of May. OneTest v10.2.3 adds support for running your OneTest UI browser tests in incognito mode, among other features. Support has been added for reporting mobile device performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory, network traffic, battery, and more. Users will now benefit from increased synergy with your DevOps portfolio via new integrations, such as support for AppScan. Azure DevOps users running the OneTest Studio integration can now view performance test results, in Azure DevOps, from the Test Plans dashboard. Our integration plugins have been further enhanced to provide additional parameters when running tests from the integrated products. Enjoy enhanced collaborative abilities, such as leaving feedback and observations on test results in OneTest Server via the new notes functionality.

OneTest Embedded v8.3.2 - The new OneTest Embedded 8.3.2 has a better support for certification process: it generates now requirements traceability matrix using exported requirements from requirement management tools. It is also able to generate a test plan from light-PTU files. It integrates new HTML reports for unit test in Studio. The new monitoring feature has been improved to edit and execute test scripts and is now usable with runtime analysis features.

Rtist v11.2 - Introducing HCL RTist, a development environment for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications in C++. HCL RTist provides software engineers with feature-rich tools for designing, analyzing, building, debugging and deploying real-time applications. Supporting the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its real-time profile (UML-RT), RTist allows developers to design their applications at a higher abstraction level than code.


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