Publish Date: November 08, 2022 

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

HCL AppScan On Cloud - This release includes features, enhancements, and updates across all technologies. For Static Testing (SAST), there is improved accuracy for JavaScript, NodeJS and Kotlin scanning and improved coverage for Java. Static findings may also now be exported in SARIF format. For Dynamic Testing (DAST), there is now support for time-based one time passwords and the ability to leverage Postman Collections when configuring API testing. Support for WebSockets has been added to Interactive Testing (IAST). Software Composition Analysis (SCA) results are now included in the single scan view with counters for libraries and the license type found. Access a free trial of HCL AppScan on Cloud here.

HCL Accelerate v4.0 - This release is all about making life easier for our customers. A new wizard allows users to get up and running quickly by streamlining the value stream creation process. Our new DQL builder provides the ability to quickly search through value stream information. We’ve also completely revamped our plugins page allowing for better organization, easy access to plugin documentation and the ability to download plugins.

HCL BigFix On Cloud - Get the power of HCL BigFix with zero infrastructure. BigFix on Cloud combines the power of BigFix endpoint management with HCL's global cloud-based managed services to accelerate time to value and lower capital costs. BigFix on Cloud is a hosted endpoint management solution that accelerates deployment, reduces management complexity while eliminating expensive infrastructure. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, BigFix on Cloud enables Security and IT Operations teams to manage every endpoint and remediate vulnerabilities faster and backed by HCL's world class, global service delivery team. HCL BigFix on Cloud, a comprehensive solution providing Lifecycle, Compliance, Remediate and Inventory management capabilities in a single cloud offering. To learn more, click here.

BigFix CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability Acceleration Pack - Fuel for the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities dashboard! IT Operations teams looking to prioritize vulnerabilities that require immediate action and Federal agencies and contractors that require adherence to Binding Operational Directive 22-01 (CISA KEV) can now eliminate siloes and reduce time to remediation with the BigFix Known Exploited Vulnerability Acceleration Pack.

HCL Connections v8 - HCL Connections has always been about empowering people, and our new Connections Cedar (v8) release delivers a redesign which dramatically improves the collaborative experience — making it easier than ever to navigate, quickly find what you need and share content. This release builds on our legacy by reimagining the user experience to be more intuitive and require fewer clicks to navigate, improving the overall usability and efficiency for employees and teams. We have enabled consistent access to search, navigation, and Important-to-Me bar from any screen for easy and efficient search and navigation to communities, important documents, or employee profiles. This new user experience will save time, get new users up-to-speed faster, and drive efficiencies for teams working remotely or on-site.

HCL ZIE for Windows v2.0 - A native 64-bit application which is designed to run on the Windows operating systems. The product is tested with each release of Windows updates to ensure that users continue to have reliable access to host systems.

HCL ZIE for Web v2.0.1 - We provide a cost effective and secure host access to users in intranet-based and extranet-based environments. Z and I Emulator for Web is installed on a Web server, simplifying administrative management and deployment, and the Z and I Emulator for Web application is downloaded to the client browser or workstation, providing user connectivity to critical host applications and data.

HCL ZIE for Transformation v2.0.1 - Extend mission-critical terminal applications to the web, mobile, or as standard SOAP or RESTful web services without touching the existing application. No rewriting, refactoring, or access to application source code is required. Reduce training costs, increase end user productivity with improved navigation and usability, and eliminate data entry errors.

HCL ZAO v2.2 - Discover and report accurate inventory of software assets and their usage on your IBM z/OS mainframe systems. ZAO is capable of recognizing over 15000 mainframe software products and features. Moreover, it can also report inventory and usage of in-house programs.


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