HCLSoftware Releases HCL Volt MX 9.5

Volt MX Introduces Super Apps to Accelerate Innovation


Publish Date: January 18, 2023 

HCLSoftware announced today the release of HCL Volt MX 9.5. The industry-leading low code multiexperience platform helps organizations build secure, robust applications that create engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints.

The latest release supports the developer community with new features and enhancements that boost productivity and development, ultimately helping organizations deliver innovations and transformative solutions fast. The most notable feature of the release is support of super and micro app development.

HCL Volt MX is the largest multiexperience, low-code offering in the market to support super app development. Super apps are built as an ecosystem of microapps that cover a range of uses, helping businesses create more value and “stickiness” for their end users by providing personalized, seamless, and engaging experiences – all in one, connected digital journey. IT teams also benefit from better use of development resources, less interdependency, and ease of maintenance.

“From government agencies that use Volt MX apps to provide crucial services to millions of citizens to major insurance companies that process thousands of claims daily, our platform has been instrumental,” said Richard Jefts, Executive Vice President, HCLSoftware. “With this new release, organizations can harness the power of super apps to enhance their app development strategy and harness new opportunities for their businesses.

For more information on HCL Volt MX, please visit: https://www.hcltechsw.com/volt-mx

HCL Volt MX v9.5 delivers these additional capabilities:

Automate complex processes. Enhancements to Volt MX workflows enable users to build and automate complex processes easily and visually and supports a wide variety of use cases such as parallel workflows without constraints. Total workflow automation is supported without the need for other business process software, delivering significant time savings for end users and development teams.

Fast and error-free deployment. Volt MX eliminates the need for manual app testing by using built-in automated test processes, directly within the developer experience. Begin running automated tests at the start of the app lifecycle rather than later stages of development. Developers experience overall cost and time savings and higher quality code, ensuring best user experience for end users.

Increase collaboration between development teams and business units. The Volt MX App Viewer allows development teams to generate previews of apps on mobile and tablet devices and collect feedback from business stakeholders before publishing. This results in faster prototyping, iterations, and deployment and eliminates the need to re-publish through app stores and removes complexity on testing.

For a full list of the HCL Volt MX v9.5 release, please visit: https://hclsw.co/voltmx-95


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