HCLSoftware Product Releases for FY23 Q4

Publish Date: February 14, 2023

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

Domino v12.0.2 - Our latest release, Domino v12.0.2, builds on our commitment to deliver the richest application development platform available. This new release enables customers to run their business more efficiently and securely with significant enhancements for app development, security, collaboration, and simplified deployment. This release includes the ability to restyle existing apps with a more modern look and user interface, in just minutes. It also provides new REST APIs, the ability to eliminate client upgrades by using Nomad Web clientless Notes access on the browser of your choice, and simplified deployment capabilities.

HCL Domino Leap v1.1 - HCL Domino Leap delivers business transformation by enabling citizen developers to solve business challenges and drive workflow efficiencies through process and data automation. The Domino Leap v1.1 release provides some exciting new features to extend an organization’s ability to become even more agile in responding to everyday challenges. This latest release includes enhancements in three major categories: building more sophisticated workflows, reusing your work, and integration with Domino. Leap also makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade, workflow-based applications. While it runs on Domino, you don’t need any specialized Domino or IT skills.

Domino Rest API - Contemporary REST APIs increase the number of REST APIs available to Domino deployments from nine to over 100, allowing you to extend your Domino applications with the development tools of your choice. You can broaden the audience for your Domino development without sacrificing Domino’s security or ease of deployment. And with this new REST API access to Domino servers and databases, you can securely make Domino servers available for pro-code development. Developers can expose Domino data in the form of standardized Open-API-based methods while maintaining control of which data will be made available for view or update. The Domino REST API is available to Domino Complete Collaboration Bundle and Domino CEO Communications customers.

HCL Sametime v12.0.1 - HCL Sametime is known as an enterprise-grade, secure video meetings and chat platform that enables a customized and seamless meeting experience, but our latest Sametime release takes it a step further. Sametime v12.0.1 delivers an enhanced user experience to keep your teams better connected by making it easier to start a chat or meeting from virtually any device. Whether you need Safari browser support, faster access to shared information, Apple Watch support, or the ability to quickly share content with others, you will see it reflected in our new release.

Volt MX v9.5 - The Volt MX v9.5 release introduces many new features and enhancements to help teams with faster development, simplified maintenance, and increased productivity, including: Super/Micro app development, allowing businesses to create more value and stickiness for their end users while enabling IT to make better use of development resources and reduce interdependencies and maintenance; Workflow Enhancements to build and automate complex processes easily and visually; fast and error-free deployment, with built-in automated test processes that eliminate the need for manual app testing.

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