HCLSoftware Launches AI-Fueled Marketing Cloud

New SaaS solution embeds the latest predictive and generative artificial intelligence capabilities allowing marketers to meet the demands of today’s Digital+ economy.



SUNNYVALE, CA (July 13, 2023) - HCLSoftware, a global leader in enterprise software solutions, announced today the launch of HCL Marketing Cloud, an AI-fueled SaaS solution designed specifically to assist marketers in managing their end-to-end marketing needs, from planning, executing, and analyzing omni-channel marketing campaigns. Powered by the latest AI capabilities, HCL Marketing Cloud embeds predictive and generative capabilities allowing marketers to take control of their campaigns, meet the demands of today’s personalization initiatives, deploy hyper-targeted campaigns, and gain access to deeper audience insights.

HCL Marketing Cloud offers the flexibility for marketers to deploy more customized and tailored campaigns that align with their audience’s specific interactions, while offering prescriptive, standardized solutions that effectively addresses complexities across the organization. Predictive and generative AI capabilities provides marketers the opportunity to take on today’s challenges head-on, including the ability to execute on real time customer behaviors, capitalize on revenue opportunities, and create connected customer experiences.

“The Business Cloud is the future of HCLSoftware’s business applications portfolio, and the launch of HCL Marketing Cloud is a crucial part of this strategic shift,” said Raj Iyer, Executive Vice President, and Portfolio General Manager, HCLSoftware. “Building upon the legacy of HCL Unica, we’ve developed and enhanced the platform to meet the evolving needs of modern marketing. It signifies the next chapter in the evolution and advancement of the HCL Unica suite.”

The increased importance of AI is a core driver behind the launch of HCL Marketing Cloud. By leveraging AI, the platform significantly enhances marketing effectiveness, empowering marketers with intelligent insights, automation, and predictive capabilities to drive better campaign outcomes and deliver personalized customer experiences.

"We are thrilled to introduce HCL Marketing Cloud, a cutting-edge SaaS solution that leverages the power of AI to empower marketers in today's Digital+ economy. With HCL Marketing Cloud, our own marketers can drive hyper-targeted campaigns, gain deeper audience insights, and deliver personalized customer experiences,” said Dario, Debarbieri, Head of Marketing, HCLSoftware.

Marketers can begin their subscription to HCL Marketing Cloud at any entry point and can scale as needed. HCL Marketing Cloud offers the tools needed for businesses just getting started with marketing automation, including the ability to create and manage segments, orchestrate customer journeys, execute outbound batch campaigns, email marketing, and real-time personalization.

About HCLSoftware

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