HCL BigFix Delivers AI-Enabled Automation to Simplify Continuous Compliance and Security

AI-enabled automated management platform with innovative risk management and continuous compliance capabilities to secure any endpoint in any cloud across any industry.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, and NOIDA, India – (March 27, 2024) - HCLSoftware, a global leader in enterprise software solutions, announces the launch of its HCL BigFix Workspace and Enterprise solutions, revolutionizing endpoint management and security automation for organizations worldwide. With a focus on enhancing the digital employee experience and ensuring seamless regulatory compliance, these innovative offerings redefine the way businesses approach endpoint management in today's dynamic landscape.

The lack of IT and cybersecurity professionals in addition to the increase of cyber threats like WannaCry and Log4Shell, intelligent and automated patching has emerged as a critical cybersecurity measure. Recognized by NIST and emphasized by CISA, timely patching is essential for mitigating vulnerabilities and safeguarding against evolving threats. In today's dynamic threat landscape, effective patch management isn't just a best practice—it's imperative for organizational resilience against cyber-attacks.

“With its unique technology that sits perfectly between the endpoint and automation layer, HCL BigFix, secures the digital employee experience by delivering automated issue remediation to any endpoint, in any cloud, for any industry on a single platform,” said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer, HCLSoftware. “Our goal is to manage a billion endpoints before the end of this decade.” HCL BigFix Workspace and Enterprise makes it possible to:

HCL BigFix Workspace+ and Enterprise+ make it possible to:

  • Elevate the digital employee end user experience with seamless, secure, and AI-enabled intelligent management.
  • Deliver seamless security, intelligent software asset management, with AI-enabled intelligent infrastructure automation.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with automatic discovery and protection against cyberattacks through cybersecurity analytics and remediation, and policy enforcement.

"With the ever-expanding number of endpoints in organizations, HCLSoftware is committed to providing comprehensive management from a single solution, powered by AI." said Kristin Hazlewood, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HCL BigFix. “Whether it's staying ahead of the latest cyber-attacks, proactive ticket resolution, or enhancing the digital employee experience, we're excited to provide our customers the ability to do all of this from one platform."

“In 2024, one practical use case of generative AI will be streamlining endpoint device management, in particular, OS and app patching, as well as the detection of misconfigured endpoint devices" said Phil Hochmuth, Research Vice President, Endpoint Management & Enterprise Mobility, IDC. “A logical next step from this would be automations based on AI-generated insights.”

With capabilities of endpoint management, digital end-user experience, infrastructure automation, and software asset management with AI-infused cybersecurity capabilities, HCL BigFix delivers a robust yet unintrusive experience to any endpoint, in any cloud for any industry.

Digital Employee Experience: HCL BigFix Workspace offers advanced capabilities in lifecycle management, configuration, regulatory compliance adherence, cybersecurity analytics, software inventory insights, and self-healing functionalities. This enables organizations to optimize financial efficiency, reduce cyber risks, and deliver a superior end-user computing experience. Leveraging Generative AI, HCL BigFix enhances end-user experiences, increases productivity, and fosters innovation, ensuring rapid adoption and return on investment (ROI).

IT Automation: HCL BigFix Enterprise ensures continuous compliance and swift responses to IT incidents, supported by extensive out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities and robust analytics. Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), this AI-enabled platform offers precise alignment with organizational requirements, enabling zero-touch automation and comprehensive incident remediation across the entire infrastructure and applications landscape.

Regulatory Compliance: HCL BigFix Workspace and Enterprise addresses the regulatory challenges of federal agencies, healthcare, and the financial services industry, ensuring compliance with standards such as CISA-KEV, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, CIS, PCI DSS, NIS2, DORA, RBI and others across the globe.

For more information about HCL BigFix and our new solution offerings, please visit our website and read our blog.

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