With the onset of the pandemic-induced work from home, our customer, a multinational delivery services firm, could not efficiently govern their outsourced project teams. The company’s operational efficiency was in turmoil, and the governance of the outsourced team, a key strategic process, lacked clarity and necessitated optimization. The visibility into the real-time productive hours of employees was murky as remote working had increased unregulated working hours of employees, compromising productivity. The stakeholders had no single source of truth to determine resource utilization. With operations in 220 countries and territories, and a user base of over 400 based in multiple locations, streamlining workflow in a remote setting became a significant challenge for the client. Most of the users were thin clients, optimized with a server-based computing environment.

The client onboarded Nippon by HCLTech as its productivity facilitator. At HCLTech Nippon, we believe that productivity management for an individual, a team, or an organization revolves around four components. To realize these components, we proposed a four-point approach to increase average productivity and provide multi-dimensional benefits to help the organizations cope with the new normal.