• Part 1 Challenge

    Idroexpert is a leader company in the thermo-sanitary sector with 40 branches and 14 showrooms throughout Italy, over 300 partners wholesalers, 4 company names, 310 employees and a punctual service for 15.000 customers a day. Idroexpert provides nationwide products of hydraulics, taps, sanitary ware, heating, flooring and internal and external lining. Idroexpert asked to Adiacent, Var Group’s Customer Experience division to create a complete and personalised shopping experience for the B2B target. Idroexpert business was born and developed mainly on offline channels, relying on the online world the most traditional part related to web marketing and branding. The need of Idroexpert was to create an e-commerce web site to satisfy the articulated logic of B2B target, enriching the experience with after-sales services, technical and commercial assistance, also proposing a new and more complete offer that went beyond the competitive price as the only driver for the purchase. The digital world offers the ability to place orders at any time and from anywhere, having a much wider range of items that, thanks to centralized logistics, can be delivered quickly, integrating traditional business by taking advantage of the benefits of the online world.

  • Part 2 Solution

    Thanks to the HCL Commerce Cloud platform, the customer experience becomes personalized. Idroexpert interlocutors can check the product's availability in real time and the price reserved for them and decide where and how to receive it; thanks to a reserved area, they can also quickly access invoices, sales documents, transport documents, open orders and accounting schedule. The simple user interface and the flexible nature of HCL Commerce Cloud, allow customization without technical interventions; those who manage e-commerce can change the graphics of the portal, start and manage promotions, create one-to-one personalized experiences for each customer segment.

  • Part 3 Results

    The new project about the B2B customer journey has required the involvement of numerous strategic figures such as area leaders, area sales and retail outlets. Idroexpert uploaded in a short time over 500,000 items divided into 4 stores; a volume of data that only an innovative platform like HCL Commerce Cloud could index and manage in a fast and efficient way.

    The project carried out with Adiacent is concretely helping Idroexpert to push online the customers it already had in the physical world: for this purpose, a Contact Center has been created in which 20 resources are in charge of service and maintenance of online profiles. This Contact Center has helped register over 5,000 customers over six months.

The Challenge

Transformation story

The B2B strategy of Idroexpert has consolidated with the birth in 2019 of the Webidraulica Portal, reserved for professionals and wholesalers, which allows to buy hydrothermal sanitary products and receive them in 24/48 hours. Thanks to the HCL Commerce Cloud platform that integrates and completes the Webidraulica Portal, the purchasing experience becomes personalized for interlocutors, who can consult the product's availability in real time and the price reserved for them, thanks to a reserved area where the client can quickly access invoices, sales documents, transport documents, open orders and accounting schedule. Idroexpert has completed the IT investment with the PIM Libra solution, developed by Adiacent, which allows to centralize and organize product information wherever they are located and depending on the channels through which they must be conveyed.

"Now that we have "dared" in a typically little digitized industry, for the future we are already aiming to increase our revenue from e-commerce to reach 30% of the entire ordered."

— Enrico Franchi

CEO Idoexpert

About the company

Idroexpert S.p.A. provides logistics and logistic warehouse services to wholesalers in Europe. It offers transport services for small, heavy and bulky materials. The company operates retail stores which offers bathroom appliances, boilers, solar systems, cooling, underfloor systems, insulation systems, heat sinks, tiles and coatings, taps, drains, fittings, urinals, shower stalls, systems for disabled users, safety tools, flue systems, valves, fire prevention devices, water and air treatments, LED lighting, gardening and ironmongery. Idroexpert S.p.A. was founded in 2005 and is based in Cervia, Italy.

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