Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL Launch.

Modernize Domino Apps in Record Time

Whether you’re looking to extend or refresh your Domino apps, HCL Volt MX Go is the fastest, most affordable way to modernize your app portfolio. Leverage your existing investments and avoid the cost and risk of a total app rewrite necessary with other vendors.

  • Transform your apps with modern UI/UX
  • Extend them as native multiexperience apps for mobile, tablets, and wearables
  • Enhance them with add-ons such as AR/VR and AI chatbots
  • Unleash citizen development and work with line of business owners to deliver new apps
  • Deploy on cloud of choice at scale

Get Ahead with HCL Volt MX Go

No other vendor has our experience and expertise in Domino. Rather than rebuilding, HCL Volt MX Go enables you to use the power of the HCL Volt MX platform with existing Notes/Domino applications today.

What is HCL Volt MX?

What is HCL Volt MX?

Recognized by industry analysts such as Forrester and Gartner, HCL Volt MX is an industry-leading multiexperience low-code platform that empowers everyone in your organization to build engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints.

What is HCL Volt MX Go?

Combining cutting-edge HCL Volt MX technology with unique HCL technology and expertise, HCL Volt MX Go enables you to modernize your Domino apps – retaining existing business rules and logic, and data – and can be used for entirely new application development, too.

What is HCL Volt MX Go?


Your organization may have hundreds, if not thousands, of Domino apps and modernizing them all can be a large undertaking. We’ve developed two key resources to help you understand how much you can save in cost and effort when you modernize your applications with HCL Volt MX Go.

Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL Launch.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Your transformation efforts don’t have to be expensive. Use our calculator to see how much you’ll save with HCL Volt MX Go compared to modernizing other low-code competitors.
Download the full report to get a 1, 3, and 5-year comparison.
Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL Launch.

CIO Guide: Extending and modernizing your investment without spending millions

This comprehensive whitepaper covers:
  • Common challenges faced by Domino customers
  • Why HCL Volt MX Go makes the most business and technical sense for CIOs
  • A step-by-step guide on how to get started
Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL Launch.

Why Re-platforming Your Apps Costs More with Competitor Solutions

Without the expertise and extension capabilities we provide with HCL Volt MX Go, customers are stuck with the following obstacles using other solutions:

  • Re-creating every app from scratch
  • Paying for a separate low-code platform license (HCL Volt MX Go includes a Domino license)
  • Manually converting data
  • Adding another software tool for backend processes
  • Converting only simple to moderately complex apps
  • Losing advanced capabilities that lengthens development time