Digital transformation is essential.

Businesses turn to low-code development platforms as they strive to transform and become digital-first. Low-code platforms, like HCL Volt MX, provide a fast and cost-effective way to build mobile apps and develop innovative experiences to improve or redefine their customer engagement strategy, digitize an existing manual process, and find ways to cut costs or improve efficiency.

Using a low-code platform, your existing team of professional developers can design, build, and deliver applications across all digital touchpoints, integrate diverse and complex systems, and add the latest experiences for VR or wearables — all with one codebase and in a matter of days.

A timely response to an urgent need.

Digital transformation has become an imperative overnight for many organizations to engage employees and customers in new ways. That’s why low-code platforms are becoming one of the top three IT priority for businesses, according to a recent Forrester study.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unraveled, Vermont Electric Power Company turned to HCL Volt MX to replace a hastily produced system of checking employees' health by emailing paper forms back and forth daily. Using the platform’s prebuilt components, the organization’s developer team deployed a replacement web application in 55 hours — in about a week. The health and safety app can be accessed from anywhere, it allows employees to return to work, and helps the company monitor the safety and wellbeing of its workforce.

Additional benefits include:


Which Low-Code Platform Performs the Best?

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Which Low-Code Platform Performs the Best?

Research and Markets estimates the low-code market to reach a value of $187 billion by 2030. Forward-looking business leaders and IT managers choose HCL Volt MX to stay ahead of the game.

The best low-code platform architecture

  • HCL Volt MX combines several components into a holistic service that powers developer productivity, agility, and speed:
  • A unified visual design and development environment that allows, among other things, business units and developers to preview and share app prototypes, empowering collaboration.
  • A complete CI/CD model consisting of DevOps tools and automated building, testing, and monitoring.
  • An omni-channel widget library and API lets you design apps for any audience, across any device.
  • A uniquely robust middleware that includes authentication services, data and push/email integrations, IoT services, offline synchronization — plus, built-in integration adapters for web services, relational databases, and many other data sources and services.
  • Cloud-native development on-premises and SaaS hosting.

The best low-code application platform features

HCL Volt MX excels at multiexperience UX and mobile app development. Forrester ranked HCL Volt MX a 5, its highest ranking, for supporting rich user experience development across different channels and extensive WYSIWYG tooling.

On the mobile device, HCL Volt MX is not a web app running in a native shell but supports true native functionality and performance. It takes advantage of the underlying device OS for native and the full power of modern browsers for the web, allowing you to design native mobile apps or PWAs for any device from wearables to IoT to kiosks.

HCL Volt MX features enhanced security with app shielding, protecting you from such attacks as tampering, swizzling, jailbreaking, or rooting — all at no additional cost.

Since it’s a native binary, HCL Volt MX can leverage the latest innovative technologies available on the device. This means you can easily integrate VR and AR, image recognition, and voice assistants into apps without any concerns about security or lack of functionality.

HCL Volt MX includes an AI chatbot development framework and pre-built UI components for rapid chatbot development and even Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. Gartner recognized HCL Software for its forward-looking accomplishments as a “visionary” in the July 2021 Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms.

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Features And Benefits

Learn more about HCL Volt MX with our features and benefits guide.


The best low-code platform that’s easy to use

You want a low-code platform that is easy to master. A non-intuitive interface and complicated steps will stall your low-code development, and your team’s valuable time will be wasted on learning how to use a tool meant to save time. HCL Volt MX saves time with a shallow learning curve. HCL Volt MX easily integrates with your corporate’s design system to ensure your brand identity is consistent across all your digital touchpoints.

Choose a low-code platform that includes a highly-evolved foundation. This will help you easily design business rules, integrate third-party services, automate decisions, write complex logic, incorporate human interactions, and effortlessly tie devices and data streams together.

The best low-code platform for price and support

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

The best low-code platform for price and support

A low-cost platform must fit your budget and needs. Whether you are a small business with one or two developers, or an established enterprise, low code can help you.

HCL Volt MX offers a free 30-day trial for businesses wanting to give it a test run. It includes one environment, unlimited number of apps and developer accounts, and free online training.

As an added service, if you are just starting on your digital transformation journey, HCL Volt MX offers help and mentoring support to build your first app in the Accelerator program.

When taken as a whole, HCL Volt MX offers one of the most powerful low-code platforms for professional developers in the marketplace.

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