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In fall of 2022, we surveyed more than 10,000 professionals working in a wide variety of positions, industries, and locations around the world.

The survey responses compiled and analyzed in this report provide a window into the state of VSM — increasing the flow of business value from customer request to delivery — in 2022. Respondents provided us with a lot of insights into the current challenges companies face and how they are organizing and sharing responsibility for value. The responses also shed light on the direction that companies intend to move towards in the future.

One clear takeaway is that value stream management is being underused today but is on everyone’s wish list moving forward. Understanding the current trends is key to developing comprehensive strategies that save money, reduce risk, find value in your organization, and keep your company at the forefront in this era of digital transformation.

Value stream mapping uses flowcharts to analyze and then improve the delivery of products and services. It is based on the concept of value streams — a series of sequential steps that explain how a product or service is delivered to consumers.

Software development lifecycles are being shortened and continuous delivery of software is enabled by methodologies like DevOps. An end-to-end value stream is viewed and optimized through value stream management, improving business decisions and outcomes. Businesses and IT delivery processes can be improved by incorporating value, waste, and friction into VSM.

Its goal is to accelerate the delivery of high-value change to an organization. Value stream management can help businesses map the current state of operations, as well as visualize the ideal state of operations, giving everyone a tangible goal to strive for.

There are so many great insights and interesting statistics in the 2022 Value Stream Management Trends Report that can help you, whether you’re searching for value in your organization, wanting to accelerate the delivery of value in your organization, or looking to gain a better understanding of value stream management.

Download the VSM trends report here

To learn more about value stream management with HCL Accelerate, try our interactive demo.

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