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We recently held a special webinar to explore DevOps Value Stream Management with HCL Accelerate on HCL SoFy.

In this webinar, our SoFy Evangelist Scott Good teamed up with Mohemmad Habib, a TechnicalAdvisor for HCL Accelerate and some of the other DevOps tools portfolio, to dive deeply into DevOps Value Stream Management with a hands-on experience with HCL SoFy.

Here’s more of what Scott and Mohemmad discussed:

  • How to navigate to HCL SoFy to get hands-on experience with HCL Accelerate
  • How to ingrate all of your DevOps tools and see the data
  • Bottleneck detection to value stream management issues
  • A live overview of HCL Accelerate
  • Insights into delivery performance, security, and quality reports

Watch this webinar replay to discover how businesses are navigating the path and taking steps in the software delivery process from idea to production to identify silos, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies in the flow of work to DevOps products.


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