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In the evolving landscape of software development, the goal of delivering maximum value to customers remains a persistent challenge for many organizations. While the industry has witnessed the rise of DevOps and DevSecOps, the key to success often lies in a holistic approach that encompasses the entire value stream. This is where the concept of Value Stream Management (VSM) steps in, bridging the gap between strategic objectives and project execution.

Value Stream Management is not just a buzzword; it's a critical software delivery tool that optimizes the flow of business value through complex processes. Unlike Value Stream Mapping, which visualizes components, VSM focuses on measuring and enhancing the flow of value from ideation to client delivery. It's about breaking down barriers, viewing work from the customer's perspective, and ensuring that every step contributes to the end goal of delivering value to the user.

In our latest eBook, we embark on a deep dive into the world of Value Stream Management. As technology propels us forward, aligning projects with strategic goals becomes paramount. We explore how VSM originated, where it stands today, and how it can be the catalyst for your organization's journey toward efficient software delivery.

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