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Digital transformation has been occurring in organizations of all sizes for the past few years, yet the process isn’t moving fast enough to move the needle in many companies. How can DevOps help increase the velocity and impact of digital transformation? That’s what’s experts explore in their new eBook, How DevOps Leads the Way to Digital Business Transformation.

leading the devops transformation ebookUsing insights from IT executives and tech leaders, the eBook argues that the only way to accelerate the building and deployment of modern digital business applications is to embrace best DevOps practices. Of course, that’s easier said than done and there can be several roadblocks to DevOps adoption, especially with new challenges faced during COVID-era remote work.

“The No. 1 impediment we found to successful DevOps transformation is organizational change,” says Brian Muskoff, director of DevOps Strategy at HCLSoftware. “At the end of the day, automation and process improvement is the easy part. Changing behavior of teams and individuals that have been operating the same for years is the real challenge.” continued the conversation about DevOps transformation in a panel webinar featuring industry experts. Chris Nowak, HCLSoftware’s director of DevOps advisory & adoption, pointed out the importance of hiring the right people to support a culture of transformation.

“It’s really important that you build the transformation around more than just one charismatic person,” says Nowak. “You can’t outsource leadership and accountability. It won’t work. If anything, insource it. Lean on some experts, bring in some consultants, hire the talent. It’s always about your people and your talent.”

DevOps transformation key takeaways

Once you’ve assembled your team, you need to give everyone on it transparency into what digital transformation means for them individually and as a member of your organization.

“Give people the ‘why’ behind your organization’s DevOps transformation. Let them understand how they are aligned to the business’s goals in your digital transformation,” says Nowak. “What comes out of all of that is a transparency and better communication. Give them a why, give them some boundaries, and help them get there.”

This all supports the idea that DevOps transformation is a team effort – not a solo journey – and that it’s a customer-focused mission.

“We have to start thinking beyond the production boundary,” explains Nowak. “Value isn’t getting it to prod – the value is somebody using it happily after prod. We’re self-limiting our journey by saying we got it to prod, because that’s just where it starts.”

Get more insight and advice on driving your digital transformation in the eBook. If you want one-on-one advice tailored to your organization, click here to request a free strategy session with Chris Nowak.

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