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Starting from HCL Accelerate version 3.1.0, OpenShift Template installation will be removed. If you are an OpenShift user, do not worry, we will continue supporting OpenShift platforms through Helm charts. In HCL Accelerate version 3.1.0’s installer, OpenShift Template installation and upgrade paths will be removed. You can upgrade and migrate OpenShift Template installation using Helm charts since version 3.0.4 or later.

Helm charts support OpenShift and Kubernetes platform for the installation whereas OpenShift Template has a limitation to use OpenShift only as a platform for the installation. Considering the better support, limitation, and performance, we have decided to use Helm charts for the OpenShift platform installations.

Note: Kubernetes and Docker Compose installations are not affected.

Migrating OpenShift Template installation


You can migrate OpenShift Template installation to Helm charts at any instance of time. For more about migration steps, see our documentation. The documentation explains how to identify, back up, and delete all default and custom resources that were previously installed by the OpenShift Template. After deleting the resources, re-install the HCL Accelerate using the Helm charts. For installation using the Helm charts, see our documentation.

For assistance with migration, contact support.

For new installation in OpenShift platform, install using Helm charts. For installation using the Helm charts, see our documentation.



OpenShift Template installation will be removed with the release of HCL Accelerate version 3.1.0. For continued use and support of HCL Accelerate on OpenShift platforms, you must migrate your OpenShift Template installation to Helm charts.

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