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Join us for an informative webinar on IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) for API Scanning, and learn how to leverage this cutting-edge technology to enhance your security testing. In this session, we will cover the basics of IAST, and its application in conjunction with Automatic Postman Collection Scan.

Our expert panel will discuss various relevant use cases, including leveraging existing processes through IAST and QA, converting functional tests into security tests, and enhancing DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) scans through IAST.

You’ll learn how to cover more ground and detect additional issues, as well as how to get actionable information regarding your security issue. With IAST, you can also get a full call stack and a source to sink view, which is critical for effective security testing.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the issue correlation process, which consolidates multiple issues into a single group, enabling a data-driven triage process and prioritization.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your security testing skills with IAST. Register now to secure your spot at our upcoming webinar on May 31st!

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