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In this workshop, we discussed how integrating security testing via AppScan early in the development cycle — i.e., shift-left security — reduces risk exposure and reduces remediation costs. In this hands-on workshop, here is some of what was shared: 

  • Introductory of how-to setup a SAST scan 
  • Key features and tips and tricks to using the AppScan SAST tool 
  • Best practices of SAST scanning 
  • Understanding how to interpret the findings and save time for triage using built-in AI 
  • Introductory of how to set up a SAST and OSA scan in AppScan on Cloud 
  • Different methods of importing code safely to the cloud 
  • Key features and tips and tricks to using AppScan on Cloud 
  • How AppScan on Cloud SAST and OSA solution fits into your CI/CD 
  • How AppScan SAST and Cloud SAST solution fits into your development lifecycle 

Our next workshop will take place on January 24th. You can register here. 

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