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Looking for a secure solution for fast, accurate, and agile application security testing? You can come across reliable market-leading web application security testing facilities that quickly detect system vulnerabilities. Assisting application developers in rectifying faults at every stage of the development cycle, the programs are designed to deliver best-in-class and dynamic tools that offer comprehensive protection to your business and clients.

The sophisticated technology and cutting-edge tools empower developers to write codes with limited vulnerabilities. It also enables the application development team to efficiently utilise resources, enhance collaboration, and leverage advanced technologies to develop secure solutions.

It also protects organisations from multiple threats and improves the visibility of vulnerabilities for security teams. Moreover, with the same help, development teams can act on actionable findings.

Dynamic Application Security Testing for Organisations

The companies offering such software to recognise evolving organisational requirements enable the creation of a host of enterprise solutions for modern businesses. It aids times resolution of issues and allows organisations to defend against an attack on their systems. To make vulnerability testing smarter, simpler, and dynamic, you can use specialised products designed to tackle specific requirements.

AppScan Standard: A dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool caters to security experts and pen-testers. The desktop tool enables the testing of applications and APIs against potential threats and vulnerabilities while running the applications. It effectively identifies and remedies vulnerabilities in web applications.

Equipped with a powerful scanning engine, AppScan Standard continuously checks apps to detect vulnerabilities early. The test results are streamlined to help operators quickly identify issues and critical threats. Accordingly, actionable insights are offered to fix issues and prevent damaging security breaches within organisations proactively.

One of the most powerful DAST scanning engines in the industry, it propagates faster scans with the help of proprietary technology designed to handle thousands of in-built scans. Its comprehensive security testing suite can efficiently test web apps, web services, and mobile back-ends.

AppScan users can also customise the testing facilities to handle complex use cases and generate unique data sets that support dynamic reporting. Its ability to deliver faster scans with maximum accuracy makes it a trusted software for modern organisations looking for security solutions to aid their operations.

AppScan Source: An on-premises static application security testing (SAST) tool empowers organisations to detect potential vulnerabilities in APIs and applications in the earlier stages of the development phase, thereby reducing costly mistakes later in the development cycle. It, therefore, minimises risk exposure and limits remediation costs. The machine learning-based Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) technology utilised by AppScan Source enables customers to identify critical threats and implement measures that prevent costly errors.

With the IDE plug-in and the use of IFA, the software performs security vulnerability analysis within the existing app development environment. Due to its centralised management, governance, reporting, and compliance management have also become faster and more efficient.

AppScan Enterprise: Empowering organisations to manage risk and regulatory compliances during the application development cycle, AppScan Enterprise is a scalable application security testing tool equipped with DAST, SAST, and IAST. It allows DevOps and security teams to collaborate, test efficiently, and establish policies while developing applications.

Its intelligent dashboards allow businesses to classify and prioritise risks and critical vulnerabilities. The REST interface of AppScan Enterprise also enables integration with various automation tools to facilitate seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines of DevOps.

AppScan on Cloud: AppScan on Cloud allows modern enterprises to scan applications and APIs through formidable security testing tools available on the cloud. It, therefore, will enable organisations to start scans without installing any software and provide access to an advanced suite with SAST, SCA, DAST, and IAST capabilities.

Applicable for web, mobile, and desktop-based applications, HCL AppScan on Cloud identifies security threats easily and offers quick resolutions to fix issues. With its machine learning-based static analysis filters, false positives are significantly reduced, making way for dynamic scans without hassles of software configuration. It is also helpful for open-source software security testing and can be directly used with software development lifecycle tools.

Its comprehensive security testing tools enhance the management capabilities of developers and security professionals to establish a reliable compliance framework. While DAST helps identify the vulnerabilities in existing applications, trace analysis of the application code can be carried out with SAST. Simultaneously, IAST helps to identify runtime issues.

Try AppScan CodeSweep

AppScan Code Sweep is a free security tool created for professional developers and amateurs to provide a simple, quick, and platform-friendly program. Advanced technology empowers developers with tools that identify vulnerabilities and help them write better codes. It offers actionable insight into security problems and mitigation strategies that can automatically fix the code wherever possible!

Now that you know the benefits it offers, you can explore a comprehensive suite of application security testing tools.


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