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HCLSoftware proudly announces the release of a new, unified cloud native application security software platform built with a bold vision for the future: HCL AppScan 360º. Now the fast, accurate and agile application security testing HCL AppScan is known for will be available with more consumption and deployment options than ever before. 

Around the world there is an ever-increasing need for application security as organizations compete for market share in the digital economy. Building secure applications from the first line of code is critical to managing risk and protecting the assets and reputations of companies, employees and clients.

But, while the need is universal, there is a wide array of methods depending on the organization, industry and region. HCLSoftware understands that each customer is unique and needs access to different solutions, in different amounts, at different times. With HCL AppScan 360º, organizations have all these choices available to them on a single, modern, unified platform, and will no longer need to piece together their security needs from various providers.

Centralized dashboards
Centralized dashboards provide oversight and visibility into risk postures, issues and fix recommendations.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
With its popular as-a-service cloud offering (HCL AppScan on Cloud), HCLSoftware laid a foundation for what a truly integrated platform looks like. You choose the technology you need from a comprehensive set of testing solutions: static, dynamic, interactive, open source, container scanning, API testing, and more. You scale up as needed and only pay for what you use with simple, flexible consumption models.

And while each technology is fast and accurate on its own, a whole new level of value is achieved when multiple solutions are used together. Results from all tests can be viewed in centralized dashboards and findings can be correlated to prioritize issues for remediation based on proof of exploitability.

Viewd results from all tests
Scan results show clearly show criticalities and an audit trail makes collaboration and management easy.

Phased release planned
HCL AppScan 360º uses the same modern, unified architecture and design as HCL AppScan on Cloud, a leading SaaS (software as a service) offering, but with many more delivery options for customers who don’t want to use or cannot safely use a cloud service.

The first release of HCL AppScan 360º will offer SAST technology and multiple self-managed deployment options including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid deployments. SAST, DAST, IAST and SCA technologies will all continue to be available as-a-service on cloud (HCL AppScan on Cloud). Future releases will roll out all four technologies in an increasing number of deployment options including cloud native, sovereign cloud, MSP and Federal Support. 

Once the additional options come on board, no other single platform will offer this many choices, this much visibility or this much comprehensive security.

Visit our website for more information on HCL AppScan 360º and all of our application security solutions. Or contact us here to start your own HCL AppScan 360º journey today!

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