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Join us on December 8 to see how AppScan on Cloud’s suite of security testing tools — including static, dynamic and interactive testing for web, mobile and open-source software — detects pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitates remediation.

AppScan on Cloud implements shift-left security by eliminating vulnerabilities during development, before software is deployed. Comprehensive management capabilities enable security professionals, developers, DevOps and compliance officers to continuously monitor the security posture of their application and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key features, capabilities and best practices you’ll learn about include:

  • Introduction to setting up a SAST and OSA scan in AppScan on Cloud
  • Different methods of importing code safely to the cloud
  • Essential features and tips and tricks for using AppScan on Cloud
  • How AppScan on Cloud SAST and SCA solution fits into your software development life cycle with CI/CD

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