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The first quarter of 2023 has been an exciting period for HCL AppScan, as we actively participated in several influential events worldwide. These events provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with industry experts, showcase our cutting-edge solutions, and stay at the forefront of application security.

1. Black Hat Asia 2023: Driving Innovation in Application Security

At Black Hat Asia, held in May, HCL AppScan left a lasting impression on attendees. Our booth served as a hub of innovation, attracting a steady flow of security professionals eager to learn about our latest advancements. We showcased our industry-leading vulnerability scanning and application testing solutions, highlighting their ability to strengthen organizations' security posture. Engaging with experts and networking with peers allowed us to exchange insights and forge valuable partnerships.

2. AppSecIL 2023: Empowering Secure Development Practices

OWASP Israel provided a perfect platform for HCL AppScan to demonstrate our expertise in secure development practices. Our product team has a large presence in Israel, and we were privileged to send some of them to highlight how our solutions seamlessly integrate security into the software development lifecycle. Attendees were impressed by our commitment to empowering organizations, and excited as we shared the news of our newest release, AppScan 360. The event further strengthened our position as thought leaders in the application security space.

3. Stockholm Tech Show: Connecting with Scandinavian Innovators

HCL AppScan had the privilege of engaging with the vibrant Scandinavian tech community. Our presence at the event allowed us to connect with regional innovators, exchange ideas, and forge valuable relationships. HCL AppScan's participation at the Stockholm Tech Show was marked by the presence of our esteemed product evangelist, Colin Bell, who delivered an engaging presentation on our innovative product. The event provided an exceptional platform to foster collaboration and explore opportunities for growth in the Scandinavian market.

4. IDC Turkey CIO Summit 2023: Addressing CIO Challenges

HCL AppScan's participation in the IDC Turkey CIO Summit allowed us to address the unique challenges faced by today's Chief Information Officers. The summit presented an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our comprehensive application security solutions and demonstrate how they align with the evolving needs of CIOs. Through panel discussions and one-on-one interactions, we emphasized the importance of application security in the face of increasing cyber threats.

4. Infosecurity Europe 2023: Unveiling Future-Focused Solutions

Infosecurity Europe, a premier cybersecurity event, was the ideal setting for HCL AppScan to unveil our future-oriented application security solutions. Our thought leadership session drew a large and engaged audience, where we discussed emerging trends such as cloud-native security and DevSecOps integration. The event served as a platform for meaningful conversations with industry leaders, enabling us to exchange valuable insights and expand our network.

The first quarter of 2023 has been incredibly productive and fulfilling for HCL AppScan as we actively engaged in industry-leading events. Our participation allowed us to connect with industry peers, display our innovative solutions, and gain valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of application security. As we move forward, we remain committed to empowering organizations worldwide with comprehensive and future-focused application security solutions.

Connect with us through upcoming virtual events to see AppScan firsthand.

The Value of AppScan DAST and SAST With GitLab Innovation Workshop

July 27th – 2PM CET

The Value of AppScan DAST and SAST With GitHub Actions Innovation Workshop

July 25th – 2PM CET

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