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A comprehensive suite of technologies including SAST, DAST, IAST, and SCA all form the foundation of the HCL AppScan portfolio of application security testing products, services, and platforms. Each of these tools is continuously being updated to provide fast and accurate testing that customers rely on to find vulnerabilities in their codebase and applications.

HCL AppScan understands that finding vulnerabilities is just the beginning and it is equally important for development teams to efficiently leverage this information for effective triage and remediation. Key to making this easier is providing integrations with leading CI/CD, IDE, DTS and other DevOps tools.


The newest integration from HCLSoftware allows users of both HCL AppScan and ServiceNow to automatically import vulnerability data from either HCL AppScan Enterprise (DAST findings) or HCL AppScan on Cloud (DAST or SAST findings) into the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response platform. This integration enables businesses to efficiently identify, prioritize, track, and remediate vulnerabilities in their systems based on the fast and accurate HCL AppScan findings.

  • Data import – Import applications, scan summaries, and application vulnerable items in your Now Platform instance either on-demand or based on pre-configured automated schedules
  • Information on complete request/response for DAST vulnerabilities as an attachment for each AVIT in ServiceNow
  • Support for Risk score calculation based on scan finding severity
  • Support for "Triage in ServiceNow" option for scan findings
  • Configuration filters for selective data import

HCL AppScan integration with ServiceNow

This ServiceNow certified integration joins an extensive list of marketplace-based collaborations with high-demand tools including Visual Studio, Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab and more (see full list here).

Visit HCL AppScan on the ServiceNow Store today to download the integration free of charge.

Get more information on all our application security testing solutions.

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Secure DevOps | March 28, 2024
HCL AppScan 10.5.0 Drives Customer Success
HCL AppScan 10.5.0 upgrades security testing with new OWASP policies, scan details and historical data for faster remediation and improved user experience.
Secure DevOps | March 27, 2024
New Pay-Per-Scan Model Launched for AppSec Testing
HCL AppScan Marketplace offers a pay-per-scan model for cloud-based application security testing (DAST, SAST, SCA). Integrate scans into agile pipelines and get actionable reports.
Secure DevOps | March 26, 2024
Migrate to the Newest Versions of HCL AppScan for Enhanced Security
Upgrade to HCL AppScan 10.0.x for enhanced security and avoid losing support for 9.0.x after Feb 28, 2025. Learn more and get a migration guide.