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AppScan Source helps organizations develop more secure software and avoid costly vulnerabilities that surface late in the development lifecycle. By integrating security testing early in the development cycle – i.e. shift-left security – AppScan reduces risk exposure and reduces remediation costs. AppScan Source utilizes its machine learning-based Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) technology to help customers quickly identify critical security vulnerabilities and the best measures for remediation. As a result, costly remediation late in the development cycle or in production are avoided.

Join us on November 10th to see how AppScan on Cloud delivers a suite of security testing tools, including static, dynamic and interactive testing for web, mobile and open-source software. It detects pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitates remediation. AppScan on Cloud implements shift-left security by eliminating vulnerabilities during development, before software is deployed. Comprehensive management capabilities enable security professionals, developers, DevOps and compliance officers to continuously monitor the security posture of their application and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Some key features you’ll learn about:

  • Introductory of how-to setup a SAST scan
  • Key features and Tips & Tricks to using AppScan SAST tool
  • Best practices of SAST scanning
  • Understanding how to interpret the findings and save time for triage using built in A.I.
  • Introductory of how-to setup a SAST and OSA scan in AppScan on Cloud
  • Different methods of importing code safely to the Cloud
  • Key features and Tips & Tricks to using AppScan on Cloud
  • How AppScan on Cloud SAST and OSA solution fits into your CI/CD
  • How AppScan SAST and Cloud SAST solution fits into your development lifecycle


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