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HCL AppScan Standard is evolving, offering a better user experience, new features, and the same exceptional DAST scanning engine. For the last two years, our team has worked tirelessly to reimagine HCL AppScan standard and bring you the product you love with better performance and new capabilities. AppScan standard has been a market-leading DAST solution for the last 20 years, offering a vast number of capabilities. Now it’s time to add a redesigned main view, actions, and menu. As we transition to the final updated version of AppScan Standard, some screens will remain in the current layout. However, we will continue to revamp this journey in upcoming releases. To ensure the best version is released, we encourage existing HCL AppScan customers to take part in our new AppScan Standard TechPreview. Selected existing HCL AppScan users can play an important role in the app’s development by testing these new experimental features before they’re released and providing invaluable feedback. Try It Now.   A Preview of AppScan Standard’s New Upgrades: AppScan Standard now offers a new home screen experience! The new welcome screen will help:

  • Start a new scan
  • Continue with previously saved work
  • Include wizards’ option of starting a scan with full configuration
  • Open scan demos
  • Access recent scans and templets
  • Pin frequently used templates

welcome screen prototype 2/3 of users prefer a Dark mode. What's your preference? We put accessibility and comfort at the forefront of AppScan innovation. AppScan Standard users will now be able to change their AppScan Standard experience between Dark and Light mode. To make the switch into Dark mode, hit the view menu and select …. light dark prototype New navigation offers multiple viewing options Improved navigation of AppScan Standard makes switching between different views easier and provides better real estate for each view. To maximize the space of each viewing option, use the arrow button on the top. navigation resized Better support for issue analysis Issues analyses are crucial for security professionals, and we want to make sure you have a better understanding of the findings. That’s why we’ve added new tools to the “Issues” view, such as search, sorting, and filters to make the triage process more efficient. issue analysis   How to launch the Tech preview version? To launch the AppScan Standard Tech Preview, open the installation directory (the default location is: Program Files (x86)\HCL\AppScan Standard) and launch the file: AppScanGui.exe Hope you will love it, looking forward to your feedback! What’s Next?

  • Improved Configuration View - Experience a new way to utilize your DAST configurations to their fullest extent. AppScan Standard’s new configuration view will provide the option to search for items, allow new grouping for enhanced navigation and provide configuration history that will display changes made from the original configuration file.
  • Get Insight into Scans - Scan status is a new feature that provides information during the exploration and testing phase. HCL AppScan's new feature will enhance transparency, providing insight into what's happening under the hood and how issues are supported & managed during a scan.
  • Enhance Your History Records with Scan Log - As an HCL AppScan Standard user, it is crucial to understand and observe the scanning process and any troubleshooting that may arise. That’s why the new log experience will put all log inputs in a table that can be sorted and search for log data.
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